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  1. Shattenkirk? I would have thought Brendan Smith over Shattenkirk. Too bad he's RD otherwise I wouldn't mind the Habs taking a run at him if he is bought out (Shattenkirk that is).
  2. That would certainly work for me too.
  3. That was a good deal for Carolina. Really wish the Habs had done this. If Marleau agrees to play, the Habs have a good versatile veteran leader that play in the middle six and help mentor the young guys for a year. If he decides that he doesn't want to play for the Habs, he gets bought out and his cap hit is only for next season (as opposed to spreading it out over multiple seasons) and the Habs save a roster spot/contract slot. It would have been win win.
  4. I don't have a problem with Bergevin doing this. I'm hoping for more quality than quantity though. I liked the Mason deal last season, but I would have preferred a 2nd round pick or a good prospect to a 3 piece package of middling value.
  5. Another solid deal for the Habs. Can't complain about bottom 6 guys getting bottom 6 money and term. Bravo Bergevin! This is good cap/contract management.
  6. I may have mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again. I wouldn't be willing to pay more for Puljujarvi than St. Louis paid for Yakupov. Puljujarvi hasn't put up the same numbers as Yakupov. Oilers backs are against the wall as well. He is refusing to sign with them. Puljujarvi Yakupov 28/1/7/8 = 0.29PPG 48/17/14/31 = 0.65PPG 65/12/8/20 = 0.31PPG 63/11/13/24 = 0.38PPG 46/4/5/9 = 0.20PPG 81/14/19/33 = 0.41PPG Puljujarvi has some intangibles that Yakupov did not have, but the offensive numbers are worse. Edmonton is trying to sell his potential, not what he is. What he is right now is a bottom 6 forward with upside. That's not worth anything more than a mid round pick. One could argue that Hudon is a bottom 6 forward with upside. Because Puljujarvi was a 4th overall pick, I'd be willing to give up a 3rd rounder and maybe an inconsequential roster player with upside (like Hudon) or a low level project type prospect. Yakupov went for a 3rd and an ECHLer, and he was a 1st overall pick that put up better numbers and had more upside. It would be nice to acquire Puljujarvi to see if he blossoms here, but I wouldn't want to see the Habs pay an Andrew Shaw type price (2nd and 3rd rounder) for him. Just my two cents. Note : Hudon has 0.35PPG over his career while Puljujarvi has 0.27PPG. Granted Hudon is older and has played a couple of seasons in the minors to develop. Hudon also has similar career point totals (39 to Puljujarvi's 37) in a similar number of games (110 for Hudon, 139 for Puljujarvi).
  7. The term isn't too long and the cap hit is very manageable. I don't think it's too bad for a bottom 6 (3rd line?) forward with offensive upside.
  8. I can see this move as being a "just in case move" they decide to walk away from the one of the arbitration rulings. I can see the Habs not even bothering with Hudon and maybe even Armia (depending on how much he gets). I think they want to keep Lehkonen.
  9. What I was trying to say about the 3 years was that the Habs aren't likely to win a Cup in the first two years of his deal. Which would leave 3 year window after that before he's a UFA. I'm hoping the Habs can put it all together and win next year. I guess we'll see. I agree that it's doubtful Montreal's 1st rounder will be a lottery pick next year and even less likely that it will be 1st overall, but it could happen. Just hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.
  10. I'm on the fence with this move. Not a big fan of offer sheets as I believe that it deteriorates the relationship among GMs, but I understand it's part of the business. What I like: Aho is a really good player who is truly a 1st line player. He would become the Habs' best forward. What I don't like: 1. The compensation. If the 1st rounder was lottery protected, I would have less of a problem with it. Imagine missing the playoffs next year, winning the draft lottery, and then watching Carolina draft Lafreniere on home turf. OUCH! 2. The term. I don't expect the Habs to be Cup contenders (well real Cup contenders) for at least a couple of years. So you have a 3 year window with Aho before he becomes a UFA and possibly leaves. I would rather have seen either a 4 year or 7 year deal. 3. Will Bergevin be blackballed for offer sheeting? I'm not sure it will happen, but it could affect his ability to make deals with other teams in the future. Habs are ways away from being contenders and will need other teams to deal with (because they keep striking out with top UFAs) to make the team better. Hopefully everything works out. Aho signs with the Habs and the Habs make the playoffs. Giving up a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for Aho would be a steal. Hopefully the Habs are also able to win a Cup before his contract expires in 5 years.
  11. I agree. The problem now is that they are already giving up a 1st (not guaranteed that it won't be a lottery pick) a 2nd and a 3rd. I wonder what more they have to cough up to get Carolina to walk away?
  12. I wouldn't do this. Yakupov had a better rookie season and better offensive numbers overall during his career with the Oilers and was dealt for a 3rd and an ECHLer. I wouldn't give more than that for him. IMO, Puljujarvi never hits his ceiling. He's a middle six guy at best.
  13. Would the picks all be in the same year? Are they next year's picks?
  14. The value is better than what I thought. Good trade here for the Habs.
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