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  1. Habs Fan Bio: Name: Blaze53 Habs Cups witnessed: 0 Which Habs will improve?: I hope they all will. Which Habs will regress?: I hope none of them will regress or ill violate em. How will Martin do?: Martin is pretty hot n sexy so im sure he'll do a heck of a job behind the bench this season, I look at him as Carbo ++. How do I think the team will place?: The Habs will finish 3rd or 4th Who will be the next Captain?: I hope it'll be Markov but I have a feeling it'll be one of the forwards hehe, I'm pretty precise eh? General chat about the coming season: GO HABS GOOOO!
  2. Cool thanks for clearing this up Brian
  3. I'd love for him to come back to the Habs if he's in tip top shape, but the source is pretty much bleh lol
  4. Totally agreed, sucks to see we won't see another team in canada yet.
  6. Dont worry we dont mind sharing the Habs with saskatoon for one game haha
  7. Carbs has my vote, he should have never been fired in the first place.
  8. It wasnt a failure at all, Bob got Schneider and it created a spark for a lil bit. If you look at the Habs and Flames, Flames went all out to get Leopold and Jokinen but couldnt really overcome the injuries, same for the Habs and in the end both teams had a 1st round exit in the playoffs. Failure goes to the Flames.
  9. Welcome to the forum bro, im thinking the Saputos bought the Habs?
  10. Great thread Spidey! I missed these bro. GO HABS GOOO!
  11. Sick! i love the new look the Fit has.
  12. Oye i just realized that they havent worn the blue one with the C and the red/greenish one with the leaf as the logo, any idea when theyre goin to start wearin em?
  13. He looks sexy in a beard so its alll gud
  14. Haha! well im only 18 so you know my mentality
  15. Linus Omark Sick Shootout Goal - Youtube I loveee this one.
  16. LOL! Yeah yo! all you gotta tell the gurl you're tryin to get is that you have a car and then you're all set.
  17. It was a shoulder on shoulder hit and Markov turned, then went head-first into the boards no? Nevertheless don't get me wrong, I didn't like the hit at all.
  18. Whoa! i didn't know there was a thread like this!!! Well at the moment im driving a 2005 Honda Civic (Special Edition). Im looking for an SI engine at a cheap price but good condition but im not sure if i want to make the swap just yet. Any advice?
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