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  1. Rough start. I have to admit, I like the balanced team model. Balance the money among several very good players instead of a few superstars
  2. I agree. Wideman is just terrible. O don't think he's ever won a puck battle. Not one time in his entire career.
  3. Canadiens are throwing multiple options at the net. It's far less predictable than normal.
  4. I'd like to see Evans with Richard. I wonder what Richard would look like with some puck battle practice?
  5. Cole is much better with the puck than I expected. He is very shifty and seems to be able ro protect the puck very well for his size. That is another dimension to his game imo.
  6. Canada's puck management has been excellent in this game. Well played game so far.
  7. I'm watching wjc woth Habs on my phone. Every single time I glanced at my phone, rangers scored, had a good opportunity, had Habs hemmed in, or Habs gave it away. Or a combination of all of these.
  8. Second one was a no Brainer. The first one is probably a goal most times. If it was a call against my team, I would be pissed.
  9. If that exact game is played 10 times, usa wins 9 of them. A bad call by the refs on the first interference and millic was phenomenal. Canada got very lucky tonight.
  10. How many posts has canada hit? Crazy
  11. This Slovakia game is the best wjc game I've seen in a while
  12. When Matheson and Edmundson were out to start the season, I was quite concerned about how the team would perform. It turned out there wasn't much change in team performance with them in or out of the line up. The team does not seem to have much compete with Monahan out. It could just be me, but it looks that way. So if the likelihood of dropping low enough to pick #1 is low, should you maybe look at signing him?
  13. Evans looks like a 10 goal per year, strong defensive 4th liner to me. Lehkonen was more than that IMO. But he was very snake bit for scoring after his rookie year.
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