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Sergei sent down


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Can he bring more to the team than SK? Nope.

Thats not really fair.....he plays a different game and has a different skill set. More grit and more discipline would be far more than anythingg Kostitsyn was offereing this club.

BUt your right....hopefully its a wakeup call for Sergei.

And i look forward to seeing him in Hamilton soon. See how he reacts

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The is so obviously a good move I don't understand the controversy. The Habs have WAY too many young players who clearly were not prepared to bring their A game this season; it's one of many things that have gone wrong. Sergei has accomplished jacksh*t in his career so far and is entitled to absolutely nothing. If he is a man, he will take his lumps and come back prepared to do the things that got him here. If he isn't, then we don't want him on our team to begin with. Way to go, Bob. :clap:

He isn't, a man, he's a 21 year old boy! ;)

I don't think there is any controversy in the Montréal media over this move. Everyone seems to agree that Sergei deserves to ride the bus down in Hamilton!

This is just a little slap on Sergei's wrist by the Habs. To remind him that he shouldn't take anything for granted. I'm still confident that Sergei will come back stronger at some point during the season!

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