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Habs @ Washington: GAME 1


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Gill has been our best defensive D tonight by far... I hope he can keep it up because Spacek and Hammer are sucking...

and now we take a bench minor.

Ya, I was noticing how effective Gill was too. Steady and effective

Theodore plays big. Not what I wanted to see....

Nice to see our boys start to pressure them however

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At work, cant watch the game... I just see Gomer and Plex getting eat up in the faceoff circles... can't last long if you dont win faceoffs.

Glad to see how we turned around in the 2nd with shots on goals...

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Habs are awesome. But talk about smelling the coffee possibly too late in the 1st and the opening of the 2nd. But Halak held the fort and they finally woke up. Slow starters these Habs in these playoffs. What else is new? Montreal for 3 decades have been prone to lazy starts. It did happen in the 80's, 90's and this decade. Especially on the road with a team trying to get it's playoff game in gear. I was palpiating and sweating for them to settle down.. They have :)

Theodore's roaming from the crease and behind the net is prone to disaster for Washington. He's been awesome but he'd better stop that. Gionta and Cammalleri players can throw loose pucks in the net. Watch for Theodore roaming.

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