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Philadelphia at Montreal | October 5th, 2013 | 1900


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Three cheers to the fans for booing Vinny! :lol:

I thought we started slow but picked it up as things went along. Eller looks terrific out there. The impotent power play has to be worrying, though. In the first place, if Diaz can't help us there, what the hell is he doing on the team? More importantly, I find myself wondering about #79...not only is he cumbersome defensively, but he doesn't seem to be making offensive plays with his usual confidence and panache. Presumably he's just settling in and will return to last year's form, but if he doesn't, we're in big trouble.

I don't know what PK's minutes were...but I don't see him out there enough for my liking. This impression stands to be corrected, though, if he did play major minutes.

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Oh good... Coaches corner... I can't wait to get my leaf update... :(

Now you know that Dave Bolland is the next Doug Gilmour. You wouldn't have thought of that on your own...(since it's nuts to think that...).

Don't be surprised to see the Flyers running at White a few more times. If memory serves me right, his suspension from last year stemmed from an incident vs Philly.

Bournival doesn't appear to have the trust of the coaches, he played under 2 minutes in the 1st. Subban and Markov were both over 9 to lead the team.

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