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Over/Under Friday February 25, 2022 on when someone starts the "Fire Ducharme" thread?


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I like what I am reading about Dominique Ducharme.


Because the honeymoon is short in Montreal for new coaches, and this team seems to be on a mission to win now due to the decline in game from Weber and Price.


I thought it may be interesting to take a guess on when someone starts the "Fire Ducharme" thread


I've set the date for on eyear form now, which should be close to the trade deadline next season.



My vote= over


I think he will do well with this team

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44 minutes ago, dlbalr said:

But if the person wanting to suggest it merely bumps this thread instead, the start date would technically be today.  In the end. you may wind up being the one credited with first starting the Fire Ducharme thread.

I didn’t think of that!


maybe it is not too late to tweak this thread onto something useful ?




how about when the media calls for it? Or when talk shows start to discuss it? Or when DD gets resigned ?





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Just now, Commandant said:


I started the When will Julien get fired thread the day after he was hired.

Not a problem, tradition prevails


I was just having fun anyways 

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3 hours ago, Helmethead said:

16 days from nailing that. 



yeah, no respect, no respect at all! 

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