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Game#18 Habs vs Bruins 7pm Sat Nov 18 2023


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Habs are tied for 20th in NHL, most picked them to be worse, so season kinda going as expected.


Here were pre-season predictions by us.










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1 hour ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

It’s also interesting to me how stats brush up against perception or the eye test as it were. I should get knowledgeable about advanced stats because it’s a part of the game now. 

The advanced stats aren't the end-all and be-all, but they add more information and additional perspective. In the goaltending case, the high-danger shots generally indicate shots from very close to the net (where it's harder for the goalie to respond) and a low number of those confirms the eye test of most shots being from the outside.

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2 minutes ago, Habber said:

He’s developing kids? Which ones? Slag and Cole and who else? I think if it was any other coach they’d be roasted. 


I think that's unfair. The entire D corps has been developing under him. And Slaf was an idiosyncratic choice for #1 pick, and the Habs have been very explicit that he is a longer-term development project.

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This is 4 not great games in a row with a long road trip coming. 

I think we can put to rest any ideas that we aren’t picking top 10 again. 

18 minutes ago, BCHabnut said:

The puck battle  losses are the  most alarming stat.

Yeah no kidding! It was basically 15% vs 85% and that is brutal 

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Guhle 24:27, led the team.

Harris 21:11 3 shots

Kovacevic 1g 2shot, but 6 of the Habs 12 PIMs.  

Nice the big guy is jumping up into the play also.

10 Thoughts: Habs get 5-2 spanking from the Bruins – HabsWorld.net

"9) Jonathan Kovacevic is following the St-Louis mantra of defencemen grasping offensive opportunities when they present themselves, and it’s finally paying dividends for the normally defence-minded right-hander, this time with a tidy goal from a Dvorak pass to the front of the net."


Goal & assist from Slafkovski cant hurt his confidence.

Bottom Six Minutes: Slafkovsky a silver lining to a flat effort in Boston (habseyesontheprize.com)



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Four in a row seems to have reached the end of MSL's rope ... not quite a "bag skate" but does make a point ... not that they seem to be pushing the "pedal to the metal"


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Appreciate that the Bruins and Knights are good teams, but we looked way out of our depth at times both nights.


The shot stats were nuts in the first period of both, plus we don't seem to be cycling the puck as well as did the first few weeks.


Maybe the line changes have not helped after all. 

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2 hours ago, brindavis said:

Maybe the line changes have not helped after all. 

Or shouldnt of made all the changes to lineup at once before a match vs a high flying team.

1 games' results, not enough to tell much.

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