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  1. I think we're looking at a MTL VS WSH series no? I gotta agree with Kozy though it would be awesome haha
  2. Hmm RDS has it and there are always the NHL alerts that are 5 cents per text?
  3. I caught it on CBC during the close to the end of yesterday's game that Marky's arrite, but I didn't hear anything about Schneider?
  4. Schneider is out with an upper body injury but no word yet. Markov is alright, just pissed about the hit.
  5. I really don't understand why he hasn't been left aside for a few games yet..
  6. Ex-Coach Carbo is set to have a press conference live from the Bell Centre at 2pm eastern time. Let's see what he has to say lol
  7. HAHA! I don't even think he'd consider coming to mtl knowing how much he loves the leafs. I'm sure if Bob offers him a job in montreal his first reaction would be Bleu Blanc Rouge?! = :puke: :puke: :puke:
  8. Agreed, I really don't think he'll be bought out though. He's still a liability to the team nonetheless.
  9. What a bunch of BS, then again i may be wrong
  10. Agreed, where the hell is this guy's loyalty? Bob signed him to a long-term contract expecting more than what BGL has produced this season.
  11. They probably smoked up before the game and added on some alcohol to that
  12. Haha he let himself loose last week when asked about Therrien on the radio show there, nhl live i think? it was on the nhl network.
  13. blaze53

    NHL EA 2008

    Hmm isn't NHL 09 a better option?
  14. Yeah i like how he spoke his mind and didnt keep his feelings inside.
  15. not really, i bet you more people are more knowledgeable about Plecky's name now LOL!
  16. This is a case of getting what we wanted and getting what we needed. Good move by Bob.
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