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  1. C’mon gentlemen! I have a lot of, largely unfounded, optimism to display.
  2. Although I said previously that Poehling would make the the team if he played well in the last exhibition game, it might be prudent to give him some time in Laval given that he missed significant time in camp. I don’t think that they will waive Thompson at this point. I think Folin or Reilly are more likely candidates, if Poehling is not sent down, with Reilly being odd man out as his salary makes him less likely to be claimed than Folin
  3. Based on Bergevin’s comments today, I think that if Poehling is ready to go Saturday and plays well he stays, with Hudon, Riley and Lindgren getting cut. If Poehling needs more time, he will go to Laval and Riley stays. I’m still holding out hope that Hudon gets traded for a 7th rounder.
  4. If that is true maybe we could send Hudon and 4th for Honka and a 7th. Mtl needs to clear up a contract spot
  5. Uh, would you tear off your front door to repair a leaking window? Trading Danault now would cause far more problems than it would solve.
  6. I would love to see Bergevin wield some of his bargin basement magic to turn Hudon into Honka or, failing that, a seventh round pick 😎
  7. That is true...but it wouldn’t be my first thought 😎
  8. That is an excellent point. Hiring Bouchard might have been the most crucial move of this “re-set”.
  9. Just imagine the reaction here if that was Weber. 😱
  10. I like some of Luszczyszyn’s stuff but I think he is a little off comparing Chariot to Alzner. Chariot can skate for one thing...
  11. I’m still holding out hope that Bergevin will be able to turn him into a 5th round pick
  12. Edmonton needs cheap wingers...
  13. I don’t know if he can play or not. Given our current situation with the cap I would be willing to risk a couple of Molson’s millions to find out. A PTO would be an even better option if Markov would accept it.
  14. Why does this putz bother watching all of these games and actually thinking about what he is writing when he could just spew unfounded opinions like the excretable M. Kelly?
  15. “I hear from everybody not named Brendon Kelly that the Canadiens have a great group of prospects.” Connor McKenna TSN Radio 690 Paraphrase of Mitch Brown (The Athletic) interview in the same segment: i rank the Canadiens between 4-6 of the best prospect pools. They have everything: high end forwards and defense prospects and great depth. They have 20-30 guys with the potential to play in the NHL. Mitch Brown The Athletic on TSN 690 www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/brown-habs-prospects-and-how-good-are-they-1.1338488
  16. Why would he have to see them to write drivel about every team has prospects and not all prospects reach their potential? Almost any regular on this site could produce a more insightful and entertaining column in their sleep. I find it incomprehensible that the Gazette keeps paying him for that dreck. It it an insult to the memory of Red Fisher and to the intelligence of the, declining, readership of a formerly great paper.
  17. I said something like this on the Athletic site the other day and I might have mentioned it on here in a rant against that no talent hack Brendon Kelly whose every word as a Gazette “sports writer” is an insult to the memory of Red Fischer and the journalistic integrity of what used to be a great paper.
  18. I disagree unless the cost is very low. Gusev, on the other hand would be worth taking a chance on. He has at least consistently produced in a Men’s league
  19. I was hoping that MTL would sign him.
  20. And not a risk Montreal should take imho. Not saying that Puljujarvi has no upside but ....
  21. I’m not trying to convince you that Hudon is worth more than at 5th or a 6th. A 4th would be a great return on him right now. As for Puljujarvi Edm is not getting strong offers for him or he would have been traded already. I think they are hoping he goes to Europe next season and plays well to boost his trade value. All I’m saying is that he is too big a risk for MTL to acquire for anything more than a bargain basement price and so they probably will not get him and I am fine with that
  22. Exactly. I included him as a potential part of a Puljujarvi deal to illustrate how little MTL should give up to acquire him. I don’t think that Puljujarvi is worth more to Montreal right now.
  23. No, I don’t think that Hudon has much value. What I said was that I would be happy to see Bergevin take a flyer on if Puljujarvi if we weren’t giving up anything substantial. From what I hear about his hockey sense I fear he is going to be a bust. You are probably right we will be lucky to get a 3rd for Hudon. Even a 4th would be fine. My post was a reaction against giving up a useful roster player in Byron for Puljujarvi—not saying that I think Hudon has much value, because I don’t think that he does. That was my point.
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