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  1. A win is a win.... ... and 11 more wins to go!
  2. Thanks Bob! I'll miss you. And I don't have a big problem with the team. If I remember correctly, most of you wanted Plekanec gone after last seasons poor numbers... now you want him signed long-term. Most wanted Andrei Kostitsyn gone after 15 games. Latendresse sucks, get rid of him... no, he doesn't suck, we want him back. People are so reactionary these days. Patience is key. Patience is key with Price too. I believe he has more wins than Brodeur had at this age. Is he Brodeur? No. Maybe. Who knows. But it just shows how young he is. We're in 6th place with all of these injuries... add a full season of Cammy, Markov, Gionta, A. Kostitsyn, etc... and Bob may have left on a higher note.
  3. These days, there isn't much of a market for pretty much everything from 1990-91 to about 2000-01. With a rare exception, most cards were way over-produced during that decade. Pre-1990 and Post-2000 cards are quite popular... it's too bad that a lot of collectors got burned with the boom in 1990.
  4. I was just wondering how many hockey card collectors we have. I've been collecting for almost 30 years and I'm still active in the hobby. Just curious if we have any other habs fans with sweet collections. I believe I have over 10,000 cards of just Montreal Canadiens... not to mention other teams, players, years, sets, etc. It'd be great to hear some stories and see pics of some collections.
  5. People forgot how important Markov was to the entire team. There's a reason he's an all-star. And Kostitsyn and his slow starts... patience.... patience. Look at the rewards for patience!
  6. A mid-2nd rounder for the 4th overall pick. Sweet! Only 3 behind Crosby and 1 ahead of Price. Plus Pouliot was no doubt under a leash in Minnesota and their old defensive system. Can't wait to see him on the ice. I liked Guillaime but he just isn't progressing and has been given lots of opportunities. Everyone wants a big centre... 6'3 and good hands should be a good start.
  7. Every team needs a douche bag. Lapierre is ours. Every teams hates him but every team wants a guy like him. Enjoy it! Price played great. I'm sure everyone is back on board the wagon now. The media and fans are too fickle. He's a kid and he's going to be great in the future. People have to learn not to freak out over every game. The kid has talent and that cannot be denied. He's growing up more and more every day.
  8. He's a slow starter. As usual, people need to chill out and he needs to get his ice time back. Skill needs to be nurtured... few have his level of skill.
  9. They're learning to play together. Game after game, it'll get better too. Now they just need Price in the net.
  10. Let the guy play for few months. Let the guy get comfortable. Everything is now, now, now these days... patience pays off. Look at the Leafs... they never wait for potential and look where they are.
  11. It's a few games into the season. Not everyone starts at Mach 4. He has too much talent and players like that always find a way.
  12. Players around the NHL as dropping like flies (Gonchar and Savard last night)... hopefully Markov is our only major injury.
  13. Everyone is always looking for a scapegoat and they go for the high profile guy. Anyone who watched the game saw that he did all he could to rescue his poor defense on the night. In games 1 and 2, people were ready to annoint him as a God again. I get annoyed by these fickle journalists and freak-out fans.
  14. Far too early... we haven't even played a home game yet.
  15. Price is the future regardless of a bad game here and there. He's the real deal but he's young... don't forget how young he is... compare his stats to other stars when they were that age... some weren't even in the NHL.
  16. The boat is not sinking. We're 2-0. Relax! Lots of superstars have done nothing so far... let alone the rest of the league.
  17. In a few months, all we'll remember is the 4 points. Half this team is new... it'll take time to gel... plus we were in opposing buildings for home openers. Just wait for the reception this new team receives at home. I think we'll be rewarded with better games with each passing game.
  18. Give the kid (Weber) a chance. He looked okay in the playoffs. Use the injury to make the back-ups stronger... at least until we start losing.
  19. It's funny listening to the 'Cane announcers justifying it all.
  20. Wow! Another penalty. This is getting foolish.
  21. I was just curious if anyone had photos of Saku Koivu from around the 2000 season when he had the 2000 NHL crest on the front of his jersey. Preferably, I would like photos of his white jersey as opposed to the red. I'm not having much luck finding more than one or two on the internet. Thanks for any help.
  22. Soft schedule? Don't take anything for granted. Boston and Philly were supposed to be easy playoff wins due to our record against them in the regular season. We're a really good team... but even really good teams lose when they shouldn't (Toronto vs. Detroit, case in point)
  23. Yeah, I'd hate to have Zetterberg, Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Franzen, Hasek, etc... All we need is a little more experience and a complimentary player or two... maybe a big winger who can score to take Ryder's spot... this team just needs to brew a little longer. The pieces are almost in place.
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