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  1. The answer is he is worth $5.5 million for 6 years.
  2. Philip Danault to LA. $5.5 x 6.
  3. I wonder if the Habs could get Justin Schultz out of Washington. Caps need to drop salary and Schultz was exposed in the waiver draft... Right-handed D, 27 points in 46 games last year. Could play with Chiarot? Kulak and a 3rd. Do it.
  4. Arpon's tweet was a reaction to the contracts other defensemen had been reported to be getting. Right-handed defensemen are getting paiiiiiiiiiiiid today.
  5. Right-handed D market drying up fast.
  6. Tampa gonna LTIR again, but at least Seabrook will not be coming back for the playoffs.
  7. http://www.habsworld.net/2021/07/previewing-the-free-agent-market-forwards/ And now dlbalr with some forwards ^^^
  8. Andy Strickland reports that Ryan Getzlaf intends on testing free agency. Getzlaf/Perry reunion? In Toronto, maybe?
  9. A lot of Habs reporters mentioned that Armia loves Montreal and he would ideally be staying, but he was also probably very aware this was his only year to really cash out. I hoped he would be back for $3 mill or less, but someone was gonna be dumb and give him a contract that started with a 4.
  10. http://www.habsworld.net/2021/07/previewing-the-free-agent-market-defencemen/ dlbalr with a Habs primer ^^^
  11. I would once again like to express my shock that Lehkonen didn't accept his qualifying offer immediately. Unless he thinks he can get more in arbitration...
  12. I'd bet the Habs move on to someone else before that call comes in.
  13. First buyout period is done, and some RFAs went unqualified, but some UFAs will sign before the frenzy starts at noon tomorrow. Discuss it all here. (Any Habs signings will get their own thread, of course.)
  14. Can't remember how many times Laraque has been right, but he's got a checkmark on twitter so here we are.
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