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Game Thread | Habs vs. Lightning | 27/12/07


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Yeah i like the lines

First line koivu with 2 good wingers. Lats getting in traffic. And Koivu getting some setups. And his wingers can score

Second line, Its that good second line that has been working for months.

Third line, 2 Hard working players, maybe getting Ryder off. And with the scoring abilities of Ryder and Higgins with Lapierre working hard.

4th line, crash and bang. Chips can be centre the next time on that line. Roulate that!

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All-in-all a good first period for the Habs. A nice 2-0 lead. Laps and Lats. Love what young Kosty brings to the lineup, lotsa speed, vision, and creativity. Even Ryder looks ok out there. Maybe he can finally get on the scoresheet. Not sure about Kostopolo centering the 4th line, but with Dandy and Streit hopefully they can crash and bang a little. First time in a long time, a Habs goalie didn't really have any tough saves to make.

Hopefully they don't sit back and keep up the momentum.

Go Habs Go.

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Positive side, Lil Kost and Latendresse are pure energy.

Higgins, Lapierre, that is fast, very fast.

Why is Chipchura not playing?? Did everyone looked him closely last games, i know he was strong for the first 30 game but he was in a no land zone recently, nothing good on PK, on face off and loosing pucks, every young player needs to sit down. He will be back stronger.

Gone ...Enjoy your game...

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