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GAME 70 - Canadiens vs Lightning - 7pm - Saturday March 18, 2023


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Just now, DON said:

Well, likely no injuries and a respectable loss.

Thought I saw that Anderson went off after taking a shot to the hand?


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4 hours ago, dlbalr said:

Nice shot from Ylonen for the go-ahead goal.  He has such a good shot but seems so unwilling to shoot most of the time.  Maybe seeing some of these go in will give him the confidence to pull the trigger more often.


Surprisingly, that shot was only 84 mph.  I figured it would be mid 90's.  I definitely agree that he has a rocket of a shot but doesn't do it a lot.  


3 hours ago, dlbalr said:

With Hagel getting the winner and the hat-trick, this feels like a good time for a reminder that the Habs had him in their rookie camp a few years ago and didn't bother offering him a contract.





Guarianov strikes again!!  That was a great move he did on Sergachev and I love the down on 1 knee Cammalleri like shot that he does.  He has scored every time I've seen him do that.  I'm dying to see him play with Dach, but not sure if that can happen this year.  

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8 hours ago, sbhatt said:

My respect for Martin St. Louis went up a notch for making good on benching Drouin for the entirety of this game. 

The intermission team suggested that MSL would likely not have done so for a one-time thing.


Drouin is a worthless bum and his NHL career is surely over once this contract expires. Good riddance.


Watching last night, what struck me most was that Suze, Mattheson, and Anderson are excellent players shift after shift. And that Monty is a good goalie. 🤷‍♂️

Also - I enjoyed seeing the great Phil Esposito at the start.

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11 hours ago, dlbalr said:

He played two shifts in the final four minutes. https://www.nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/20222023/TV021101.HTM


As we have seen before, that doesn't always mean all is well ... but I hope it is.

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Fun game and good result


t was great to see the Habs tank so efficiently. I hope more of the same the rest of the season 

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