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Sens at Habs - Game thread


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Dandy...................5-2 Habs. Good to see him rewarded for his good work lately. A little scary when the Sens made it 4-2. Lotsa jump for the Pleks line, and a like the work of Laps, Kosto and Pax. The Koivu line struggling a little, making some bad turnovers causing scoring chances for the Sens. The line will be much better when Tangs replaces Diago soon.

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Love that goal, hasnt looked good the last 10 minutes. Ive only seen Koivu make one misstake, sadly it ended with a goal. I wouldnt say he has sucked this game. I think he has played quite well.

Don't bother. In a lot of peoples minds, Koivu sucks. It won't matter if he gets a hat trick, he will still be bashed. It really is an interesting phenomenon, I would like to study it one day.

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When Lats and Tanguay comes back... who goes down?

I would say Diago for sure, and maybe Stewart or Chips, depending on who the Habs want to play as 4th line centre.





or if they let Higgins play centre then i would go:




S.Kostits/Higgins/Dandy or Laraque

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