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[Game Thread] Canadiens vs Lightning - 7/11/2009


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Montreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning

7:00 est, can be watched on RDS and CBC, and heard on the same radio stations as always.

Habs lineup:

Same as last game most likely. A mixed bag of mostly North American players, 3 Czechs and a Belerussian

Tampa lineup:

More talented French Canadian players than Montreal has.

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Only HNIC would say this is Pyatt and Whites first game... on HNIC.. .like that matters...

Looking for Price to build on his last game and start stringing together some wins and build the confidence back up. He sure looked better in the shoot out WRT to his confidence. That poke check on Rechi was either going to be brilliant, or embarrassing. The fact that he went for it is huge!

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1-0 Bolts. Blahhhhhhhhh.

PK hurts again.

I am a fan of Gorges, but what the .........is he doing just standing around in front of Price. He's gotta take the body. Sure miss Gill at times like those.

Well, Gorges did go down to make the block, so I will cut him some slack. But Laps is just off to the side watching, and covering no one. In any case, our PK is certainly not our strong suit. :(

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The ref has something against Kostitsyn. He's been tripped twice and no call either time.

tripped twice and the boarding was a close one too. Man this team looks horrible. I think I hate Bergeron! He better score today, so I forgive him

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