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Congratz to BigRedC, Macaskill, DutchHabsFan, Bulis_the_Habbie (2000) and to all the others who haven't been named on this thread. Congratz to Pierre the Great on his lucky 47th post. Congratz to Howie_Morenz for giving us his philosophy on giving to communities. Congratz to shortcat for having an insane number of posts.

There. I think that's everybody.

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Originally posted by simonus

fanpuck, congrats on the double hall of fame mark

quantity AND quality.

Congratz to fanpuck for 2000 and congratz to simonus for 1871 posts.

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Thanks Fanpuck! I didn't even know I'd hit it until today (Christmas Day) when I was taking a break on the computer waiting to head to my parents to eat the third turkey dinner in three days. I think this is the first time I've looked at this congratulatory thread. LOL

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Congrats to simonus, the latest member to reach 2,000 and one of HW's newest Mods!

I believe I shall quote you here, "quality AND quantity."

We've had some good discussions, and you've always shown the ability to say your opinions respectfully. A true class act.

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