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2021 Entry Draft


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1 minute ago, Commandant said:

Bar and Plandowski on the board if we want RHD.

3 more picks before back to back and grab both of them.

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43 minutes ago, Fanpuck33 said:


What money? He's a 17 year old kid that might be making $75,000 in two or three years playing in the minors on an ELC.  She went to the police with the allegations and got justice. And she is absolutely right about a text apology not being enough. If he didn't say it to her face or at least over the phones then it is hard to believe that he is sorry for anything more than getting caught.


This wasn't some baseless allegation. He was convicted of a crime. Yes, some women use sex as a money grab. But assuming that every allegation against a "famous" guy is a money grab does nothing but empower such people to do bad things. It just lets them know that people won't (want to) believe it without proof. Look how many women had to come forward against Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, etc. before people started believing it wasn't just greedy women out for a payday? 

He also probably got off easy, since the police chief was a staff member of his team.

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Banking picks for next year assume.

 Showing 5 left

5    14   142             -- --
  5 22 150             -- --
  6 31 191             -- --
  7 22 214             -- --
  7 31 223  
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1 minute ago, Trizzak said:

I understand trading one of the picks for a pick next year. I don't understand trading the other pick to trade down for more picks.


If you don't like anyone all that much, and every pick is a gamble, better to take two gambles instead of 1. 


Guys develop alot between their 16 and 17 year old seasons.... we don't know who did, so lets gamble on two guys.

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Daniil Sobolev

Defense -- shoots R
Born Mar 3 2003
[18 yrs. ago]
Height 6.00 -- Weight 210 [183 cm/95 kg]
3rd d man in a row.
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