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2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread


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Rather than have the discussion of the picks get lumped in with the general pre-draft discussion, let's get a separate thread going to discuss Montreal's actual selections (of which there should be a lot more than usual).


Here's where the Habs pick:


3rd Overall
35th Overall
38th Overall
56th Overall
62nd Overall
66th Overall
97th Overall
102nd Overall
122nd Overall
128th Overall


Who do you think the Habs will take 3rd overall?  Make your prediction by entering our annual Draft Pool which is open for a few more hours.

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Sportsnet Radio was reporting earlier that Calgary is really focusing on Montreal and Detroit early picks and trying to put together packages for both teams to really consider. They apparently really want to try and go for it with uniting the Tkachuk brothers.


Don't think they have a viable package we would be interested enough in to make a trade for the 3rd pick, but hell I am not putting anything past this front office. I am just crossing my fingers that the next 2 weeks, starting today, goes by with sensible and competent moves to help this team going forward.


Can't say I am very confident in those hopes however.



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Some  news i found regarding the habs drafting over the last decade


Habs rank 29th in games played by there drafted players  under Timmins and company the past 10 years 


Hopefully they won't blow it this this weekend

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5 minutes ago, Trizzak said:

That quick pre-draft interview between Bergevin and Friedman would have been really funny if I wasn't so scared he'll #### this draft up. 


Case in point:




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6 minutes ago, Dalhabs said:

Did I say I would be there? Maybe you mix me with someone else...


No, I just assumed you were in Dallas. 

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This won't be looked at as a Jason Ward instead of Marian Hossa kind of mistake like Tkachuk would have been, but it's still not ideal to me. Especially since they didn't move down. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong, I just really felt like he was getting overrated in the past two months.


Ottawa chooses Brady HAHAHA

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