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Round 3, Game 5: Montreal Canadiens @ Golden Knights

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13 minutes ago, BCHabnut said:

So why doesn't every team have a defensive centre that can shut down the best players for 20 straight games? It's a bit harder than you imply, I suspect.

Because they have centres who are expected to score, are playing to provide offense not shut down another team.

Danualt plays a one dimesional game, which allows him to excel at that dimension .


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45 minutes ago, DON said:

Really, kinda like saying a defensive d-man or goalie (stand there and block shots) has an easy role as well, which is bit naive, no?

Are defensive players and then are very good defensive players that other teams need to plan to deal with.

No, that is not what I am saying.

rather that is an example, yet again of you manipulating someone’s post to fit your stance. It’s B.S. and you should know better.

Dmen are expected to block shots and shut down other teams, goalies are obv not centre men and to  compare them is  nonsensical.
Your last paragraph doesn’t make grammatical or literal sense, no I am not naive as you state. I make sense and type a real sentence.

Danualt is great, again.

but he is not being asked, expected or actually providing offense. If you free NHL calibre centres of offensive expectation, most will be able to shut other people down.

Do both. And we will be taking about y’a. Otherwise, enjoy the accolades of being a “shut down centre” and take your 2.5-3 mil/year and let 14/15 centres take over, as is gonna happen.

So, you’re statement that I am “naive” is insulting and idiotic.

Funny how you Can twist words

and be insulting at personal level and not get called out like I do.


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Again. If it's that easy, why do any superstars have any points at all in the playoffs? Danault has held all superstars he has faced off the score sheet. It's incredible.  The best I've seen since Carbaneau

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2 hours ago, DON said:

... then are very good defensive players that other teams need to plan to deal with.

Do you mean plan to counteract their defence or players like Barkov, Bergeron and Stone that are both shutdown defenders and score on a 30 goal per 82 game pace? 

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