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Oct 21 2021 Habs vs Kotkaniemi (and his team) 7:00pm


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KK scores, waiting for the puck unmarked in front of the net


Wideman not interested in checking him and Chiarot out of position


i know what picture I’ll use for my new avatar now :1vomit:

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Aww man, Anderson has been doing really good at rushing to the net, its too bad his aim has been slightly off.  Interestingly, I read an article last week that interviewed Allen and he said Anderson has the hardest shot on the Habs.  Allen even claimed that out of the whole team he feels Anderson's shot under his pads - and theres not many players can shoot that hard.


Sadly, he also said that kk had a next level wrist shot - which just got Allen right there.  D'oh!!



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Habs are losing too many one on one battles.. that is what happens when your talent level is a step below the other team.


looking like another loss… Canes have all the jump now.. Allen can’t get more then a goal to work with.

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I hate how the D wait until an opponent forward is close to them before passing


rbey all do it like if it was mandated


why not make the pass quickly and keep everyone moving


also, I am tired of so many players floating and not

moving their feet, stationary near the boards waiting for I don’t know what instead of supporting and double teaming opponent on the small ice (half

the ice width)


it was not Like this a few months ago. What happened !?


the injuries are not the reason 

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17 minutes ago, alfredoh2009 said:

Will the Habs fire MB after this loss and reset ?

***IF*** they decide to do it ... doubt they will ... but ***IF*** then I would wait until the team is on the way to (or in) Seattle ... the players would be out of town for a week ... fewer media around the team ... but it won;'t happen.

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