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December 3rd. NYI vs Habs

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F**k the lineups.      

Blessed Slumpbuster Yvonne.

I gave them a chance to come out of the slump without her help,  but now I understand that she's the only option we have.

Carrying the play, but only the one goal to show for it.  Starting to feel like a familiar script...hope they push and get the next one SOON

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2 minutes ago, Commandant said:

Nelson gives a shot to price and price gives one back and we get the call... OF COURSE


Any other ref, and they protect the goalie. 


Overreaction for the previous shove/dive he didn't call.

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1 hour ago, Commandant said:

He won three Norris trophies,  three Stanley Cups, the World Cup, and is a Hall of Famer... is he really underrated?

LoL..  he's one of my all time favourite players in the NHL that I've actually watched play. Chelios mean streak is about the only thing underrated   that I can think of.

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5 minutes ago, IN THE HEARTS OF MEN said:

Suzuki looked good tonight.


And Chiarot? The knives ARE out almost always... no love? Hes played a helluva couple games


I havent seen a lot of chiarot hate of late and there is a reason for that.  Hes been one of our best d for a while now even before the losing streak.  Hes been avoiding criticism


Im glad you brought it up though cause he deserves some love for it, rather than just a lack of critiques. 


As for.suzuki.  hes so smart.  He looks great.

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4 hours ago, brobin said:

Saku looks like he could still play....,Gallagher is going bald... lol


Saku needs a job in the organization.


Make him a scout in finland if he wants to live at home but he should be part of something

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8 hours ago, Trizzak said:

If circumstances were better for it I'd say Kotkaniemi should spend some time in Laval to get his game back while Suzuki takes his spot at center. 

I completely agree. He needs some ahl time.

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