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GAME#50 Isles vs Habs Feb 20 2022 2:00pm EST


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1 hour ago, alfredoh2009 said:

I am glad Pezzetta is getting ice time instead of playing Paquette because he is making the most of it. Screened  the goal, drew a penalty and played well the few shifts he played

That was indeed nice work drawing the penalty and then not picking one up himself.

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Great game!


Shit rink though. 

The walk from the rink to the main parking lot ($30 fee) was 15 min with no protection from the elements. Then just getting out of the parking lot took a damn hour!!


New Jersey has a way better rink and overall experience (much cheaper ticket wise too). 

Although I have to say, islander fans are a lot more vocal and fun to be around. 

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23 hours ago, illWill said:

We are going on another epic Hamburglar run aren't we? 


x2!!  i.e. in a row.   🤣


It's only 1 game but I was impressed by the Hamburgalur.  He looked sharp and kept doing a bunch of lighting quick little micro adjustments.  In a way it sorta reminded me of how people say Price has the "pedigree".  Hamburgalur seemed to be doing similar movements in that sense.  


However, with the exception of this shot:




hamburgalar - 5 hole beachball goal.png

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56 minutes ago, Commandant said:

No just no


Hamburglar is a 34 year old journeyman who had one good run like six years ago.  He should never be compared to Carey Price



Thats like comparing Cedric Paquette to Sidney Crosby.


Agreed ... if Hammond is ANYWHERE near as good as he looked Sunday there will be an awful lot of pro scouts unemployed come summer ... teams always need goaltending depth with only 8 NHL starts since 15/16 all the teams' scouts obviously had written him off (including no starts anywhere in 20/21) ... 

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