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Official UFA Signing Thread

Mr. Nasty

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Mann.. my favorite player in Colorado?

Could be worse, he could be in Toronto, right? At least this way I can still cheer him on.

Go Avs Go!

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Don't worry guys. The Nucks(as with many others) haven't signed anyone......... yet. :unsure:

Then again, it could be worse. You could be a Sabres fan. :blink:

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Not only did Montreal offer more for Smyth and Briere. Dreger just said they were in the Gomez sweepstakes as well.

Very frustrating.

So what does that say about us? Is it us the fans? It can't be the organization. Its got to be us and the media that's turning people away. Want someone to blame, we need to look in the mirror I think.

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Goddamit, now only Forsberg is left among the star players, and it is not even certain he will keep on playing

damn damn damn its getting worse by the minute

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Lament for a fruitless UFA Season

My trash can overflows

with perfect Habs lines

that will never come to be.

Do I point my finger at taxes

and the Journal de Montreal,

or should I blame it all on Gainey?

Lament of hope

I trully believe Kovalev will bounce back

Maybe the same could happen with Halak

Then we could trade some of these for Patrick Marleau

Or any big name who could become our heroe...

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What the heck is wrong with this league!?!?!

Two guys who only had 69 pts (Drury) and 60pts (Gomez) are going to be making 7+ million a year???

Let's not be so hard on Saku's 4.75 mil a year considering he had 75 pts last season, more that either of these guys!

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Sydor to Pittsburgh. Nylander to Edmonton.


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Well.. Nylander was the last guy id want as a UFA centre.. time to make a trade and focus on getting two quality Dmen from the UFA.


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The Hannan signing is actually kinda funny now, you guys should've seen me when San Jose opened up a 3-0 lead on us in the 2004 playoffs and Hannan was completely shutting down Foppa. I hated him and vowed to have him as one of my most hated players in the league.

Couldn't be happier now, haha.

Also, what the ###### is with Sarich getting 3.6 mil a year? Did Sutter get hit in the head with a puck?

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Only the rotten leftovers left now on forward, lets have fait in the players we already have instead of those clowns and injuryplagued hasbeens that are left. But we HAVE TO get at least 1 or 2 defenders on the UFA market or we are VERY f**ked.

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Notable players still un-signed: Some of those forwards overlap between checking and scoring :rolleyes:

Scoring Forwards








Kozlov (the other one)










Checking Forwards




















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I've been waiting for this:

Bahahaha a PICK! In a draft no one even gives a rats behind about if you are out of the top 5 picks! If that pick is so important to you for the furture wouldnt two good prospects have felt even better?

When Smyth resigns with the oil and the isles get booted from the playoffs the oil will have gotten O'marra, and Niilsson for NOTHING! Plus a pick.

Smyth resigns with the oil .....eh?

Now, if BOb signs Souray back I'll be 2 for 2

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