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Poll: Habs next captain


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I want to say Gionta. But part of me thinks management might want to avoid another Koivu vs the French media scenario, whereas you may see Max end up with the C.

All the new guys regularly say a couple of french words on various RDS vignettes. More than Koivu ever said in 15 years, so I dont think the Habs would have that much of a problem if it's Gio, Cammy, Gomez, Gill or etc.

Anyway, the most captain-like guy so far has been Plekanec, but I'd leave him alone. Cammy is the one that showed the most game-breaking qualities, but dont seem like the "take charge" character.

I'd go with Metropolit, for the lulz.

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I'd like it to be Gionta.. but I"m afraid of what happens with the curse of becoming the habs Captain.. so I'll vote for Metro and failing that Mad-MaX-LAPS!


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We're still a ways from this decision, I'd think. It sucks that Markov isn't there with the team.

Hamrlik and Gorges have done well, so have Gionta and Cammalleri. Plekanec has tossed his name into the equation.

But I don't think there's a real rush for this decision yet. After the Olympics is when I'd make the call if it's going to happen this season.

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How about an A for the little girl that became a men ?

This and a contract extension right nown before losing him for nothing.

C Gionta

A Markov

A Plek

He now plays gritty, shoots, skate, no one else except Gionta does

that that every night.

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My vote would go to Gionta. He gives it everything he's got on every shift.

I'd give's A's to Markov(who already has one) and Cammalleri!

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Hamrlik won't be there in 2 years...unless he takes a major paycut!

Interesting question. I could see him signing for 3.5, something along those lines. I can't believe people will rain big dollars on a 36-year-old Hamrlik, but then again, nothing surprises me from NHL GMs.

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