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Permanent Rumour Thread


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"If Anaheim says no, there's Montreal – if a deal for Hossa falls through, Chris Higgins and a first-rounder will be available – or San Jose or Vancouver or New Jersey."

Cox thinks Antropov could fetch Higgins LOL or Edmonton's first rounder owned by the Ducks.

Comedy Gold Jerry!!

Wow. The oxygen-deprived bubble that is Toronto.

Sh*t town, sh*t barn, sh*t team, sh*t fans...s.f.b. coverage as well. Maybe they actually run the team.

Ooh, Janssens, missed out on our thug.

Hossa & Huselius?

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Grabs just called up, according to TSN. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=230607&hubname=

To be traded? To replace someone traded? Says he'll play v. Thrashers.

I just read the same story on RDS.ca

Apparently Grabovski is supposed to play tonight!

Hossa misses morning practice, and he's know to miss the morning skates. But TSN (John Liu) said the team told him to stay at the hotel though............... :clap:

I also heard the same thing on the Team 990.

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Well, if Grabovski will play who is he replacing? And if he's not being traded, are we getting Hossa?

Haha, Pierre McGuire is so funny. ""Just got an e-mail from a player on their team asking where Marian Hossa is going."

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Crazy - I saw it on their live trade tracker - then it vanished before my eyes...

just like Buffalo's team last couple of years.

Back now - great for SJ, needed to open things up. Still not good enough v. Ducks, though.

Hey, what colour are Grabs' gloves?

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That's a great pick up Buffalo. I wouldn't call it a steal. Power forwards are hard to find. As you will see Friday when he throws alot of hits against the Habs D.

The Devils got rid of muscle, not added it, Salvador isn't tough at all.

McCarty was tough.

The Habs need to add some size, 3 smurfs at centre isn't going to cut it.

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