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Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker


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Teasdale 2a up 3-0 in series

Walford 2a down 3-0 in series

Fonstad 0pts up 2-1 in series.


Suzuki down 3-0 in series, could be done his junior career today.


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Suzuki 7pts in last 3 games. Team was down 3-0 in series to London, series now 3-2.

Fonstad out injured,  team up 3-2 in series.

Walford's team swept by Vancouver.


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10 hours ago, Commandant said:

In 10 playoff games this year... suzuki has 9 goals and 17 points.


I hope to see him do that again a few years from now, wearing a Habs sweater!

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7 hours ago, dlbalr said:


It'll be the second year in a row that a Montreal prospect is the third-stringer after Lindgren had that role last time.

Poehling going?


Suzuki plays game #7 tonight. Can they complete the huge comback over London?

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Romanov hasnt played since March 4, but CSKA is up 3-0 in series.

(I assume he is the #8 or#9 d-man and being a rookie likely doesnt help?)


Suzuki plays Saginaw tomorrow

McShane plays Ottawa tomorrow.

Teasdale plays Friday vs Rimouski

Fonstad's team plays Friday vs Edmonton (he may be out injured?)

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