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First Round Matchup


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Why so down on Habs/Pitt?

More serious question-they've been playing with five d men a lot because of the salary cap, that doesn't carry over to the playoffs, does it? And why won't they just take the penalty if it means missing the playoffs?

Also, do you think Mike Johnston is wearing a toupee? I do.

The Habs haven't played them all that well this year aside from the one Saturday night game (which I happened to miss, no less). Despite their lack of recent production, I like their forwards a lot more than Montreal's, especially if Pacioretty isn't 100%. Fleury may cost them a game or two but an entire series I'm not so sure about. In past years, other teams lit up Fleury for 4, 5 goals. I don't see the Habs being able to do that too often given their scoring struggles. And, as I said the other day in this thread, they can't keep losing forever. Eventually, someone's going to wake up and the pessimist in me says if one does, quite a few others will at the same time which makes them a dangerous team to overlook.

There's no salary cap in the playoffs so they'll be able to dress six blueliners no matter what.

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I like the matchup with Pittsburgh over Ottawa.

The Pens D is thin and Ottawa just seems to be on a wave. I'm sure they'll come crashing down to earth eventually, but taking 4 out of 7 from the hottest team in the league is always tough.

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It's Ottawa or Detroit or Pitt

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best case scenario.. Pitts wins, Detroit loses, we get PENS! Let Tampa and Ottawa battle it out.

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Guest Stogey24

Hey, I said a few weeks ago that we have two Kryptonites in the Conference - TB and Ottawa. And I expressed relief that Ottawa was out of the playoff hunt. Unfortunately the latter sentiment was misplaced. I like our team, but think this is a stinko matchup for us. I hope I'm wrong, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

I know, I hear ya, givin' you a hard time.

I do still think Montreal takes out Ottawa though

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Looks like Ott is on their way again, leading 1-0 after 1 pd..and how about the rookie season Mark Stone is having?! So, it's starting to look like they'll hang onto 7th place.

Sens win. Stone scores 2 more.

Pens will beat sabres. Bruins are toast! Hate them but I'll miss them.

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Ha! I won't miss 'em one little bit. EAT SH*T BRUINS!!! WAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

lol. Hey a Montreal Boston series beats the hell out of anybody the habs could possible match up against in the east. Always delivers.

recent series.

Sens Habs .... terrible to watch one sided battle. "Gionta crying in coaches arms" with a boo boo)

Rangers Habs....snore fest, game 6 was like watching paint dry.

Lightning Habs......... 4 non contact games of shinny

Bruins Habs.........seven game war in 011 and 014

Again, I will miss Boston in the play offs. As Dryden said...like Ali vs Fraser they need each other to bring out the best in each other.

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They may have a chance tonight. Detroit is sitting Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Kronwall.

I guess they aren't afraid of facing us like the rest of the league and most of the fan base. Geez, even writers who cover the Habs 24/365 don't think they can't beat a team without a point in April anchored by Marc Andre Fleury!

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I'm not worried about the Sens.

In 2012-2013, three things happened that are unlikely to be repeated:

1. Lars Eller, on his usual tear, was knocked out for the series in the first game. Therrien and the Habs subsequently lose their minds and try to turn the series into a grudge match victory against a team that's bigger and tougher. They lost one game by a blow out and got all their asses beat in the fights.

2. King Karey laid and egg that resulted in the Habs goaltending coach being fired in the summer. He sucked and couldn't stop a beach ball.

3. Craig Anderson posted a .960 sv%

Paul MacLean was riding his Jack Adams season, and there were a lot of signs at that point the Senators were better than they appeared.

The Sens defense was up there at 102 GA inbetween the Blackhawks and Bruins. Second in the league! The Habs were twelfth in the league, and had rookies making their first appearance in the playoffs.

The Habs were second in the league in offense. A GOOD DEFENSE BEATS A GOOD OFFENSE EVERY TIME.

As much as people don't want to admit it around here, or especially EOTP, the Habs were playing a run and gun style that spells certain doom in the postseason. (Just ask Tampa in two weeks!) The Habs reverted to a trap/dump and chase grinding style and the rest is history.

I sure enjoy your posts for cotent and style Lovett's. It's that magnificent tone perhaps.. :nuts:

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This sounds like the Bruins/Habs in 2011, I heard a lot of this talk.

Let's see how the Gashouse Gang and their Rover Swede Hairdryer boy and rookies cope with Carey Price, Ginette Reno, PK and the Bell Centre.

Habs in 4.

Hahahahahaha! Is Ginette going to be back???!! Merci le bon Dieu! Who needs Pacman when we have Ginette?

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