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Battle of the Titans 7:30 Jan7 2020


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Just now, Scott462 said:

7 in a row, with another loss that will be two 8 game losing streaks in one season. Ouch.


Figure it’s for the best, if Montreal can somehow draft first overall I’d be ecstatic.

Looking like Detroit will have the first pick. But we have seen stranger things happen with the draft lottery. But man 4 draft lottery in 8 years and we weren't even trying to be a lottery team.

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2 minutes ago, zumpano21 said:

Just when you think it can’t get any worse.


Please I hope management doesn’t do anything rash 


I don't think they will do anything rash. Realistically any hopes of a playoff spot are pretty much gone.  They would have to go at least 15 games above 500 the rest of the year to have a chance. Not going to happen.

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1 minute ago, Chris said:

Based on what i read, 


1 Dman in the top 4 rated players, 


2 centers and Winger 


Should we be lucky enough to draft in the top four, just take the best player available. Although we do have a lot of centres at the moment ...

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I cannot believe that we are going to miss the playoffs because we can’t beat Detroit, New Jersey or Ottawa- who are among the few teams in the league with worse records 😢🤢

I swore that I would not get upset at losing any more this season but !!%#@@@$&!!!!! this game pissed me off.🤬

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