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    Aw ya baby! Victory is mine! Suck it ill will! Whoop whoop. The champ is here! the champ is here! Respect my authortai!
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    Flew my 7 year old boy and myself up to watch this game. I've seen a lot of great Habs games in person but it may have been my favorite of all time because of how much he enjoyed it. I even caught a stray puck during warmups that was likely off a crossbar and we didn't see coming till last second. And most importantly I didn't spill my beer!
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    I humbly accept my award. I'd like to thank jesus. And my wife for supporting me through these trying times.
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    Well the Habs did comeback tonight to finish 44-30-8 for 96 points with 246 goals.. llWill predicted 95 points. 5th in the Atlantic, 9th in the East and 243 goals. BcHabnut predicted 97 points, 4th in the Atlantic and 11th in the East with 248. BcHabnut is the winner by a sliver. His goal prediction was 1 goal closer!!
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    How can anyone not love ol' Bob Cole when he's coming out with things like "Jordan Weal SEALS THE DEAL". The man was and is a gem... fumbling a few names be damned. If you want perfect grammar and semantics and proper enunciation and pronunciation and whatever, go read Shakespeare.
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    Weal to Danault to Armia on the PP, just how we all expected the Habs to score.
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    I wonder how the best GM ever in history David Poile feels about being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. I mean, every move he has made in the last half dozen years has been brilliant in comparison to our dummy GM, so how can the Preds lose? What happened to Tampa? I thought there was no point for any teams to load up at the trade deadline because the Cup was already handed out to the Lightning. One of the best regular season teams of all time didn't win 1 playoff game? Surely we all had Colorado over Calgary in 5 games. It wasn't too long ago that the Avs were in the hunt for 2 shots at the #1 draft pick, but I guess they had other plans. Carolina predicted by most to finish near dead last in the league going to game 7 with the defending Cup champs? What a bunch of jerks spoiling our preconceived notions of what a winning team is. Man I wish the Habs were in the middle of this chaos, I like my team and I think they would have just as good of a chance as any to make a deep run.
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    I think Poerhling had more goals in the last 20 than Drouin
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    Predictions: UFAs: Jordan Weal (stays 1.5 million per year) Nate Thompson (walks) Jodie Benn (walks) Christian Folin (stays 800,000 per year) Antti Niemi (walks) RFAs: Joel Armia (stays 2.1 million per year) Arturri Lehkonen (stays 1.5 million per year) Charles Hudon (traded) Michael McCarron (stays, 900,000 per year) Daniel Audette (walks, no qualifying offer) Hunter Shinkurak (walks, no qualifying offer) Brett Kulak (stays 2 million per year) Mike Reilly (stays 850,000 per year) Gustav Olofsson (stays 800,000 per year) Xavier Ouellet (walks, no qualifying offer) Brett Lernout (walks, no qualifying offer)
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    Is this the new "Ryder and a 2nd?"
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    Yeah, because Gallagher has really been trending badly after his 2 years in a row of half seasons due to hand injuries, really wish he wasn't signed long beyond that, I mean how much more good hockey could he have left with lobster claws right? Hahahahaha....oh wait. Injuries happen, great players find ways to come back from them and remain who they are, Elite players, even more so. So tell me, how do you think Karlsson will play during the games he does play in? and are you prepared to potentially watch him have a 77 game season else where at nearly a PPG knowing you were too shy to go all in for an elite caliber player like him over some missed games the last couple of seasons? Imagine we had traded Gallagher as damaged goods after his injury riddled seasons, how would that look for us today if he was doing what he is doing now elsewhere? Absolutely foolish is the answer.
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    You do realize that this "similar level of production" was done in 29 less games by Karlsson, right ? 29 as in twenty-nine.
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    Don, saying we have no chance, in itself, is wrong to begin with. We may have only a slim chance, but we do have a chance, because.. A. We have the cap space to offer him the dollars he would likely be looking for without having to deconstruct the current roster to make room for it, not many other teams in this position at all.. B. Proximity to the area he has played most of his career, facilitating his personal family and friends situation. C. We have a team on the rise that is clear for anyone to see, hoping on the wave while it is gaining momentum is obviously easier than where the wave was at last summer. D. He would be walking into a situation where he plays a forefront role of major importance, would be a part of one of the most revered pairings in the league, the team's style of play fits perfectly with his own, and it is back to eastern conference hockey which he is familiar with and already thrived in. Unlikely? Yes, No Chance? Not unless we are literally blocked from even speaking to him, which as far as I know, is not the case at the moment. People are just expressing how the opportunity to try for a home run fix is on the table this summer, and how great it would be to have him here in our current situation. No one is saying it is just a formality, a done deal, or even a likely scenario. In fact most who are excited at the thought of Karlsson being on the roster know how improbable it might be, but not impossible, and most certainly worth one hell of a try. We have to get out of this summer knowing for sure, that we tried everything we could to get him here, and either he comes here or he just simply chose not to, anything less would be a grotesque miscalculation.
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    I really enjoyed Brian Wilde's post mordum. He really tapped his inner cc. Worth a read. https://globalnews.ca/news/5137028/call-of-the-wilde-state-of-the-union/
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    Can't vote on this until after the Habs win the draft lottery.
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    Come on, should be Price is Right rules, you go over you're out! I got the record closer, gotta count for something? Came down to a stinking goal lol. Congrats Habnut
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    Poehling: "2 goals in my first NHL game! Dude, this is amazing!" Mete:
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    Here is this years draft HQ https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019-NHL-Entry-Draft-Headquarters/
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    Yes 7 players had career years Domi is young enough it could be seen as a breakthrough. Maybe not 70, but can he do 65 again Gallagher is third in the NHL for xG at 5v5. Its his second straight 30 goal year. No reason he cant again Danault will depend on how much icetime he loses to KK Tatar probably drops a little That said The PP was god-awful and is unlikely to be that bad again KK should improve in his second year We may get more out of our backup goalie than Niemi gave Mete could score some goals What will Suzuki, Poehling, Brook, Juulsen, and any other young players bring to the team? in short stretches or long ones? Will Drouin do more? He's young enough to get better still. All of those would be improvements too. So no, I don't see this as the max of the team. I expect to be in the playoffs next year, with a couple of little tweeks (mainly LHD and the PP)
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    I dont get into subjective things such as if a player "looks interested" or not. I look at what the production is and what should be expected for the cap hit. At the end of the day, it is about production, not the look on the player's face or what language he speaks. For all the complaints... he is one point behind his career high and his advanced stats show he produces more than he gives up. All of that is fine for a second liner
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    Thread competition winner: DON Prize: Banned
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    I do They'll be published soon enough
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    I don’t believe teams are morally obligated not to try to win just to make the Habs happy. Even less do I believe star players should have their ‘heads taken off’ because the team the play for tries to win every game.
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    That's a good point I hadn't considered. K. Back on the bandwagon.
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    Gallagher goals tatar domi drouin shaw Petry benn kulak Danault . Edit byron and armia injuries hurt them.
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    Its the last 20 games that have killed them. They were a solid playoff team until the last 20. Habs just below 500 the last 22, other team above 500 Including 2 losses against power houses the ducks and devils
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    I know what you mean, but it seems to be surprisingly hard to have both a strong 5-on-5 and a strong PP team. I don't know why that should be, but the Habs have tended to be either one or the other for a long time - going back at least to Jacques Martin (whose teams killed on special teams and stunk 5 on 5), and possibly before that. So it's really not as simple as saying, "fix the PP and keep everything else that's good, and we'll be golden." Perhaps a better way to think about it is that you need defencemen to run your PP. Even Weber is all shot and no playmaking. The problem may be structural, i.e., having to do with talent. If we add talent to the blueline - e.g., a legit top-pairing defenceman - then we might get closer to what you're looking for. But that would not be improvement from within; it'd be a major talent upgrade. As for blaming Claude Julien for the team's inadequacies, I'm not buying it. Normally when a team is widely predicted to stink out the joint and does respectably, the coach gets credit. Now I'm hearing a lot of Habs fans blaming Julien for taking a "good team" and turning it into mediocrity. It's not hard to understand: this team is not good enough. Period.
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    Byron will not travel to Columbus. I feel like a questionable (but not egregious) hit on a third pair guy which has been punished with a strict 3 game suspension and followed up with an apology by the much smaller , clean playing offender, should suffice. The fact that the code came into this annoys me. It was selfish of byron IMO.
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    I'm just tired of HNIC giving us clowns instead of serious professional analysts. Ron McLean is a sentimentality-peddling hack whose gee-whiz style got tired years ago. Don Cherry is an elderly windbag who wallows in still more mindless sentimentalism and can't complete a sentence or finish a thought (if he has any, which he seldom does). Bob Cole? Yes, he is a legend who, in his prime, had an unparalleled sense of anticipation and excitement which used to make up for his technical failings; but at this stage he is a doddering geriatric who is so far behind the play he might as well be calling the game from the original Montreal Forum, and whose calls are so non-informative that they actually detract from our understanding of what's going on. Gary Galley has little to offer that warrants him holding such a plum seat; he's banality incarnate. Only in the second intermission, when the admirable Elliotte Friedman and the servicably capable Kelly Hrudey show up, do we get anything resembling insight; and even then the odious Kypreos has to be added to the mix just to make sure we all remember we are watching a program devoted to idiots. I simply do not understand how this FLAGSHIP program for the entire sport can be so riddled with mediocrity. It makes no sense at all.
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    Duchene has proven over his career that he's not the guy who you want to be your best paid forward. UFA signings are often fool's gold and I'm leary of committing superstar money to good but not great players.
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    The PP will be fixed by better coaching and, above all, by having D who can quarterback it by making plays. Look to the back end more than the FW unit.
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    Noah Juulsen is apparently OK. You hate to see a kids career end before it starts.
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    Injuries happen. You cant right him off. Price missed tons of hockey over the last few seasons but seems fine. If he will sign here it is a no brainer. If is the question.
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    Love Ferraro. His spots on Vancouver radio are must-listen for me. Mike Johnson is also quite good. Predictably, these excellent voices have never received as much airtime as blowhards and medicorities such as Nick Kyprios, Gary Galley, and Sour Grapes. It's almost as if hockey broadcasting, especially HNIC, makes a point of penalizing intelligence.
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    Full of ideas for how to fix the pp.
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    Had Bergevin gutted the draft like CBJ did and just squeaked in, man, he’d be more reviled than he already is.
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    well. it was a nice season!
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    Anyone have Yvonne’s number???
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    The must-win final week of the season begins with a game against Tampa who is beating just about everyone right now. Palat - Stamkos - Joseph Gourde - Point - Kucherov Johnson - Cirelli - Killorn Miller - Paquette - Erne McDonagh - Cernak Coburn - Sergachev Gaunce - Rutta Pasquale (hopefully, there aren't many 'Leather Lobster' moments - anyone who listened to IceCaps games should get that reference) Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Lehkonen - Domi - Shaw Drouin - Weal - Armia Kotkaniemi - Thompson - Byron Mete - Weber Kulak - Petry Benn - Folin Price
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    He would be moved to center, right wing, or defence.
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    Nice to see Byron back in the lineup.
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    Ovi got Goal #50 tonight (and #51 for good measure) to give him his 8th 50 goal season. He needs one more 50 goal season to pull even with Bossy and Gretzky. Impressive.
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    I'd feel better if I truly believed that we have a wave of truly elite, high-end young talent coming up such that we project to become heavy-duty contenders. With the qualifier that I am no expert in prospects, I don't see it. Yes, we have good young players on the team and in the system. So do lots of other organizations. The team coming up will probably be yet another good team capable of making the playoffs reliably and winning a round or two. So can lots of other organizations. The only truly elite talents in our system seem to be a 31-year-old goalie and a 33-year old defenceman. God love those two, but it's hard to get excited about that, especially when we've already wasted their prime years on futility.
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    Funny how few Habs fans seem to be recognizing that if we miss the dance, it will be three out of the last four seasons that we do. And in that fourth season we were eliminated in the first round by a team that ended up going nowhere. Permanent mediocrity, thy name is Montreal Canadiens.
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    I remember going to Game 3 of Round 1 in 1993 in the Forum against the Nordiques. The Habs were down in the series 0-2 but won in the game in OT on a Kirk Muller goal. Driving home, I heard a caller on the radio saying "I got a good feeling. It's gonna be just like 1993. Our rookies are gonna step up. Roy is gonna take us all the way." I looked at my friend and we just laughed, figuring the Habs had little chance in the series, let along for four rounds, but happy we'd won that night. Turns out that guy was some kind of hockey Nostradamus. He called it *exactly!* So who knows, maybe you're the 2019 version of that guy
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    Thinking through the weekend, I think the Habs have a strong game tomorrow and win. 92pts come Monday. We know the Habs will need help. Both Carolina and Columbus have back to back games. I don’t think either team sweeps. Both of the Canes games are afternoon games...Philly and Pitt always seems to play afternoon games, so I could see the Canes being swept, then losing to Toronto on Tuesday. Anyway, they come out of the weekend with 91pts Columbus has two road games for their b2b. Hard fought loss to Nashville, followed by a beat down of Buffalo (also playing back to back games) the following day. They escape the weekend with 92pts. Start the week with the Habs in a playoff spot and see how the week plays out!