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    And after staying up all night, the Beast is here. The hardest article to write all year (just cause the amount of time that is needed to put this thing into a coherent format). The Draft Grades https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/06/23/2019-nhl-draft-grades-lwoh/
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    I like the signing, salary is easy to work with, term is good. Brings punishing, physical play, as well as a good first pass and sound decisions in his own zone. Also has experience playing against top 6 opposition having played next to Big Buff. His career is also trending in the right direction, his responsibility and role has been growing, his numbers have been growing. All in all I like the player, I like the contract, and I like what he brings to the table. With that said, he is not an ideal candidate to play with Weber, they bring too many of the same elements to the table to be good complimentary pieces for each other. He is however, an ideal candidate for Petry, who could then go rogue and help the forwards more often, knowing he has a steady force holding down the fort behind him. This signing does improve the D, but it does not improve it in a significant way, and does not bring Weber an ideal partner. I see... Mete - Weber Chariot - Petry Kulak - Juulsen While it may be better than anything we could have put together last season, it is not a big enough leap forward to transform us into a team that can make some noise in the playoffs, much less a low key contender, which is disappointing. I am not disappointed with the player, he will have a positive impact on this D. I am not disappointed with an improvement, because it is one. I am disappointed with CURRENT situation, because a lot can change from now until training camp, but thus far, having the cap to fix some important holes and make quantum leap improvements to this roster, we only have decent improvements to show for so far. I will keep a measured and patient approach leading into training camp, but I think we can all agree this is a welcome step in the right direction towards improving the team, it is also not nearly enough.
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    Dude. Its hudon. Not hundon. Not sure if your phone is auto correcting or what, but for the love of God stop calling him hundon.
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    The bottom line is no one got played. Bergevin tried to get a player with a front loaded offer sheet knowing full well that there was a good possibility the offer could be matched. He risked nothing in making the offer. It may have been unlikely to work, but it was a low-risk, high reward play if it did. The player was content to sign cause Carolina was lowballing him, and would not offer any signing bonus. Signing bonus makes the contract essentially lockout proof and buyout proof. Aho knew it meant either moving to Montreal or staying in Carolina. He wanted to move (sent his agent to lobby for that), but was comfortable staying too. If he wasn't comfortable in either spot, he would have demanded a trade instead of signing an offer sheet. Carolina matched the offer, paying the player more than they intended to, but still not so much that it was worth losing him. it was business... no one got played... they all used the CBA in the way it was intended to be used. In order to get played, you have to be scammed out of something... no one was scammed out of anything.
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    Aho is the only player on the entire Carolina roster to have any signing bonus money on his contract. Just saying. The idea that they could test the Carolina owner with signing bonus money wasn't a bad one. It was never guaranteed to work but was very much, low-risk as there was nothing to lose here.
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    I'm no Bergevin apologist, but at this point, I'm pretty sure he could swap Hudon for McDavid, and people would say we have too many centers, and would complain about the cap hit. He tried an offer sheet, the other team matched. Unless people were content with 5 years of Aho at an inflated salary, for him to depart during his peak years, and losing 4 first rounders to boot, well, I dunno what to tell ya. It pretty much seems like a given that the Canes would've matched anything (for sure the two 1st rounder,2nd,3rd offer), potentially even an offer that would've surrendered the 4 1st rounders. Is Aho an $11M or $12M player? I ask that sincerely. Do people REALLY think this was done with a wink and a nod towards placating fans into thinking he was doing something? Sheesh. I will say that the movement of Shaw gave the appearance of clearing cap space for something a bit more definite, though. I'm also not ready to declare the offseason over on July 3.
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    Kotkaniemi and Armia played in a charity game in Pori this past week -- Kotkaniemi skated on the same line with his father and grandfather. And assisted on a goal by his grandfather on Jussi Rynnas. (His father got the second assist.)
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    Why does this putz bother watching all of these games and actually thinking about what he is writing when he could just spew unfounded opinions like the excretable M. Kelly?
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    Guys... their names are TATAR AND HUDON. Not Tartar and Hundon. You ruin your credibility when you cant even spell the players name... and its just 5 letters. Its not that hard a name.
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    Habsworld loves to rip on management. We just generally like to do it based on reality.
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    At this point, who cares? The Habs have no fewer assets than before the offer sheet. I think because offer sheets happen so infrequently, people expected it to work. The ONLY way it MAY have worked is if the Habs signed him to McDavid money. McDavid money for buying no years of UFA? Ridiculous. The same people complaining about the current lowball offer would be complaining about overpayment...or if even the offer made worked, would be complaining that the Habs didn't buy any UFA years. There honestly would have been no outcome from this that wouldn't have received criticism. I get people are unhappy about the lack of improvement to the team so far this offseason. However, the offer sheet was a valid attempt, but an unlikely resolution.
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    There are still teams out there with RFAs and cap crunches. Vegas is over the cap with only 20 players on the roster. How are the Rangers going to fit everyone under their cap... 8 million in space and Trouba, Lemieux, Buchnevich, and DeAngelo need to be signed. Trouba alone is gonna cost over 6 million. Chicago has a million in space but needs 2 more players. Toronto and Tampa likely have to clear space for Marner and Point. Florida has 5.4 million in space but only 17 players. Washington has 4.2 million but needs to sign Djoos and Vrana, and that would put them at 22. Vancouver seems ok to me... 5.5 miiion... 27 on the roster (so add 5 million) and only Boeser and Goldobin to sign... but we have reports in the Vancouver paper yesterday that they want to clear space. San Jose is tight to the cap too. As arbitration dates get closer and these RFAs get contracts there will be more pressure on teams to make trades.
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    What Brendan Kelly does NOT know about hockey could fill the Bell Centre and half the other rinks in the league. He is a doom and gloom hack who never has anything good to say about Les Canadiens. It is a sad commentary on the Gazette that they have gone from writers like Michael Faber and Red Fisher to a non - expert like this one.
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    His PR team is spinning the situation. If you want to believe that's 100% the truth and no PR spin... that's your choice.. but hey, I've got some great real estate in Brooklyn and Florida that I'd also like to sell you. Also some great beachfront property in Arizona.
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    He has to play there for 5 seasons. Do you expect him to publicly state "I really didn't want to come back here. They are basically holding me hostage until I can get out in 5 years. Also, to the fans of Carolina... #### you."?
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    Armia and Lehkonen filing are both for contract negotiations. Hudon filing is literally just another bullet in his, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TRADE ME!" gun.
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    I already explained this..... They have 25 players under contract on the roster... .when Armia and Lehkonen sign, that will go up to 27. If Hudon signs it will go up to 28. 23 is the max NHL roster. Sending 4 players to the minors or out on trades (likely Alzner, Weise, Peca, Lindgren), will give them additional money (just under 4 million) that puts you at over 11.5 Hudon out gets your roster down to 23 (no cap savings here, cause he isn't signed, he's RFA)... so money in, money out... meh. Then you add someone to the roster. You are now at 24 on the roster. One more person has to leave to make room. Assuming thats another demotion to the minors, its an additional 1 million in room. Thus the Habs have over 12.5 million in cap space today that can be spent on Armia, Lehkonen, plus one new addition.
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    Good that MB is reinforcing Laval. Imagine if his job were to reinforce the Montreal Canadiens? Oh...wait a minute...
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    There is no guarantee we would have drafted Debrincat.
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    And you as the troll. The only time you come on the site is to scream about trades or offers. You took an entire year off from posting during a surprisingly descent season. As soon as something negative happens for you to focus on, you're right back. Nothing personal. I enjoy your grumpiness. But as much as illwill is a cheerleader, you are the reciprocal boo bird.
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    Everyone pissing about it not being 9 to 9.5 million instead is absolutely missing the point, just like MB stated in the presser, the extra 500k or million over the course of the year will not make a difference, it is the bonuses that make the difference, and front loaded bonuses to boot. You think adding an extra 35k per bi weekly cheque was going to be the make or break point for Carolina? You think a higher cap hit matters to them, they aren't even cap strapped. You think maybe asking a low budget NHL team who has been losing money year after year to dish out 22 million in lump sums during the next 12 months is the most effective and only play to hit them where it hurts and give yourself the best chance to walk away with the player? I'm thinking so. You also inflict the grievous wound of paying all that ridiculous money to a player who does not want to be in your organization and you can't trade him without paying him that 22mill. It could trigger that innate response to say "To hell with that, i'm not cutting 22 million dollars worth of cheques, an entire season's worth of gate revenue, to this kid who doesn't even want to be here." Either way, this was a brilliant play with the best odds of success, there was no other strategy with higher odds, the high signing bonuses were the way forward here. They can still shop while they wait, deal with maneuvering after, the only guys they would really be interested in at this point who are left are Gardiner and maybe Dzingel. If they really want Gardiner, there is nothing stopping them from making him an offer and signing him regardless of what is going on with this offer sheet shuffle things around after. You know, for all the fantasy talk we see offseason after offseason about offer sheets and wanting your GM to be aggressive in his hunt to improve your team, some of the reaction to this well planned move is pretty disappointing. People just refuse to give Bergevin props, but they are right there within seconds to give him wallops though, and if they are forced to give him props it is the most reluctantly forced thing ever, veiled behind the hope his plan fails all together so the wallops can continue two fold. The man has made some blunders over the years, he has also done some pretty savy stuff, it is time to stop pigeon holing him into the peg where he can't do anything good even when he does something good, the negative twist must always exist. He put himself and his team in a bad spot based on some of his failed ideas in the past, but man am I going to plainly admit he has dug himself out of that spot commendably and through good to very good decisions,consistently, over the course of the last 24 months. Not many GMs would have the resolve to dig out of such a hole in a market like this, and not many would have been resourceful enough to pull it off the way he has, I'd argue majority of current GMs would have failed to make the situation better in such a short amount of time, if at all. He is adapting and evolving on the job, he is much better at what he is doing and how he does now than he was 3 or 4 years ago even. I can honestly say he has changed my mind about what he is capable of as a GM, and that happened simply because I was open minded enough to have my mind changed at all. Some of you here, and many on social media could perhaps do the same, it is pretty hard to give this guy a bad mark based on his body of work during the past 2 years, and 2 years is a long time. Perhaps a little recognition and hopefulness going into the next 2 years would be in order? Just a thought.. End Rant, Apologies
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    Live view of Bergevin walking into the press conference
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    I still think it best to go the NCAA route for at least one year, look at Poehling now after waiting couple years, being in weight room twice a day and practising more than playing. Let the kid adjust to playing vs older bigger faster competition first.
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    He was an elite defensive forward, the best of his time. People who did not see Carbo play probably cannot appreciate the way in which he really could control a game; at his peak he was just as impactful in doing this from a defensive perspective as a guy like Ovechkin might be from an offensive POV. A fully deserving member of the HoF in my opinion. On a side note, I'm one of those dinosaurs who thinks it's unfortunate that the Selke now routinely goes to high-scoring two-way forwards. The award was designed for Bob Gainey, the prototypical defensive specialist. Carbo was Gainey's truest successor.
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    Here it is https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/04/15/cole-caufield-scouting-report/
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    He did not "get dumped because he is a liability to his team". That's not true. He got dumped because his GM has mismanaged the cap and no one will take players who suck like Nick Bonino or kyle Turris, who they would rather dump but would have to include assets to do so (ala Patrick Marleau). A player who is an actual liability would need to have assets included with him in order to get another team to take on the contract. His value is depressed because of the contract... but it wasn't negative value.... the Predators got picks and two prospects. Obviously not full value because of the contract... but not negative value either. At least be accurate in your statement.
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    Maybe you got downvoted for smug trolling? There are clearly several factors in play here, including Nashville's cap and stacked D situation. We could also measure the trade by how many playoff series have been won by each team since then. Weber's also coming off a down year where he looked gassed down the stretch. That said, the Preds sure sold low on PK.
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    26 of my top 31 were taken in the first round. I consider Bob McKenzie the master at these rankings. He hit 26. I am now 2-1-1 head to head with him in the last 4 years. Sportsnet was showing quotes during the draft. They quoted our site for SIX different prospects. I'm buzzing.
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    A compilation of scouting reports on Caufield: http://www.habsworld.net/2019/06/habs-select-cole-caufield-15th-overall/
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    So you'd be against trading Alzner for another player on a similar contract? Were you against trading Moen for Gonchar (two overpaid players and we got out of Gonchar's contract one year earlier than Dallas got out from Moen)? Were you against Prust for Kassian and a 5th (we added a pick, and got the cheaper player). Were you against Rene Bourque for Bryan Allen (two overpaid players and we got out of Allen's contract one year earlier than Anaheim got out from Bourque) Were you against Cole for Ryder and 3rd (we added a third, Cole did nothing after we traded him, Ryder was good for us that year and we got out from his contract two years earlier than Cole) Were you against Weise and Folin for Schlemko and Froese (cap hits were the virtually the same on Weise and Schlemko and also the same length. Froese is nothing. And Folin is the only NHL player in the bunch.) Every single time Bergevin has made one of these bad contract for bad contract trades... we've won the deal. So why would it be bad for him to do another? He's not making bad deals when he moves out a contract he doesn't want anymore.
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    You cant force free agents to sign. He tried to sign duchene. Duchene went to nashville. He tried to sign lee. Lee choose to stay where he is. He tried to re-sign Radulov. Radulov went to the no tax state in dallas. He tried to sign Tavares and Stastny. They didn't want to come. No one has signed Gardiner. I wonder why. The rumours are its his back injury. He give aho an offer sheet. It was matched. So what do you do at that point? In the last two years hes won big on trades (Domi, Tatar, Kulak,) while also building the prospect pool into one that is top 3 in the league. So the idea he is too cheap to buy a ufa? Madness.
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    Taking the chance cost us NOTHING. I don’t believe there will be vengeance - given that in the past when offer sheets have been tendered, GMs seemed to see it as business and not take it personal. If Domi or whoever get tendered an offer sheet, so be it - match or take the picks. I feel MB looks better today than before - because he took a swing. So what if he missed. For years we wished GMs would go for those RFAs. We have a GM that tried. That said - if he is done and this is our opening day team, then he failed. But it’s July 9. I’m ok with the Aho try. He hasn’t failed yet. Those thinking MB is terrible can continue to lay in excited anticipation of his looming evidence of ineptitude - but it’s too soon to pounce. Im encouraged by last summer and continue to be in excited anticipation of some move that justifies his clearing of salary. I hoped it was a UFA signing. It wasn’t. I hoped it was an RFA signing. It wasn’t. But there are still trades that can be made. I still have hope.
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    Bergevin has addressed one of our key weaknesses this past season (backup goaltending). If he can make another move to give a boost to the PP, it should get us to 100+ points and into the playoffs. The backup goaltending alone should get us to somewhere better than 96 points and a playoff spot. If he can make a bigger move (Laine, Gardiner, Gostisbehere etc) before the start of October then we can be a more serious threat in the playoffs.
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    I think that we overhype the expansion draft. Don't worry about it. Build the best team possible... protect your 7 + 3 + 1... and then lose one player and move on. The teams that did this came out fine. The teams that tried to do trades to play around with the expansion draft... Florida, Columbus, Anaheim, they are the ones who lost the most. You lose your 12th best player (or 13th, 14th, 15th if you have good young players) ... so does everyone else. No need to set your roster a year in advance on this.
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    Yeah, you are willing to wait and see how the cap space is spent. Of course there are other posters here, who don't show up for the entire year when the Habs are playing well... but post every day when they are in last place... and came back to the site after the offer sheet to drag Bergevin through the mud. So some people you can see are willing to be objective. And then there is H29 who is really just a semi-sophisticated troll.
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    Whether Bergevin got played by the agent or not, we lost nothing on this. Bergevin actually looks stronger having actually dared to issue an offer sheet, even if nothing came of it. Aho gets a decent contract with the five-year duration he wanted. In 2024, he can choose who he wants to play for. And he didn't have to drag out the negotiations into the fall. Canes, on the other hand, end up with a shorter contract than they wanted, for more money than they wanted, with more up-front bonuses they wanted. A player that may be unhappy with the owner, especially after the owner bragged how easy it was to write a big cheque, after having refused to budge in the negotiations earlier. So who is the winner and the loser here?
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    The players doubling as ticket takers and concession workers.
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    I find it hilarious that people are scoffing at the attempt in our own market, this was the best form of an over payment we can handle, structured in a way that was least convenient for the opposing team to handle. Any offersheet always has a way better chance of failure than success unless you make a ridiculous offer that will hurt you more than your counterpart. You honestly think us giving 10mill+, with the important players we have to sign in the next 2 years was the way to go? Let's go on and be a cap strapped team by 2021, making sacrificial lambs out of who knows who to try to make it work, while also having no important draft picks left to alleviate some of the debacle? Yeah great idea guys, lets just keep on going with the irrational, not big picture oriented plans of attack. I'm sure that won't make the situation a boatload worse than coming out of this empty handed and no worse than we were June 30th, right? Trying to say we didn't make the poison pill poisonous enough is a flawed statement in its every form. What is the use of making the poison pill so vile, that when they refuse to take it, and force you to take it, you're the one who dies? There is a reason why all offer sheets have been matched, except for one, and that one worked out about as well as leaving the steaks on the table while the dog is unattended, for the team who took it. We took a measured approach which would have allowed us to get the player without messing with our cap to catastrophically in the coming years, while also tightening the vice in the area which we felt they were weakest, organizational dollars. It didn't go our way, oh well, a nice try none the less, let their owner puff his chest about money not being an issue while getting 21 million arena gate all year long. Let him act like he doesn't already owe millions elsewhere and that he won't need to likely get a loan in the next few days to deal with the first 11+million dollar cheque they owe to the kid who wanted to go elsewhere and signed a contract elsewhere, like that's not going to sting. We move on, an attempt at an improvement was made and it didn't pan out, there are still many avenue's available to improve this team, none will likely impact the roster as much as the addition of Aho, but improvements are still within reach.
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    Appoint you as the president of the world’s one and only official MB fan club.
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    If you want to choose stocks based on past performance, go right ahead. Im more interested in the path ahead
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    Just, i will stick with Josi and crew instead thanks and no other GM would take him without Nashville retaining salary so basically had to give away for 2 2nds & chump change was best deal they had offered. Who would of guessed he was available for that? (if Gardiner will get $6-8m/yr, Subban doesnt look bad at $9m for 3 more years)
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    I do love the tweet, though!
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    Flyers have a pretty solid D corps now, but need help up front, so Gostisbehere is expendable. This Flyers site proposes the Flyers asking for Drouin in trade (yes, please): https://www.phillyvoice.com/nhl-rumors-flyers-trade-shayne-gostisbehere-montreal-canadiens-listening-calls/
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    I'm OK to be a bridesmaid on this one, especially if it's $10M+. I really just want a quality defenceman for Christmas!
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    I have to think scouting US high school hockey has to be a huge challenge. There are just too many schools and leagues to scout effectively.
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    72 pages of debate in this thread alone plus the countless times it cropped up in others, and it all ends up with Nashville sending him away in a cap dump. We can now officially put this baby to bed. The end
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    He's small but the Habs need scoring in a big way. Caufield can do that. (And he's a right-hand shot, something they don't have much of in the pipeline as well.)
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    I don't think you pick Ryan Suzuki just because his brother is with the Habs. Sometimes brothers work out (Maurice and Henri Richard), sometimes they don't (Sergei and Andrei Kostitsyn). You only pick him if he is the best player available when their turns comes up.