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Boo-uins @ Habs, Feb. 15, 2012


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No interference on the guy nailing subban after he makes a hit?

Yep, AK46 gets nailed for a borderline late hit. Boston gets a pass on a clearly illegal hit that was clearly interference.

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Yeah, I admit he's playing his best game as a Hab that I've watched. I'd say that since around the start of the season, his play has really improved. Of course his play before that was terrible.

Where's the love for Darche tonight

He's been an absolute machine

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I just hate... HATE Lucics face, Every time I see it I want to break something. If we are going down at least do what they did... try to knock out one of them. GAH Compared to what I feel for the Bruins... I could say I love the leafs.

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Everyone compares Emelin to Kasperitus, but he is very clean. More like Kronwall if I had to compare. I love this guy. He plays tough and clean.

Kronwall is very drity.

Jumps into almost all of his hits.

Boston is a great team.

They take full advantage of their chances and most nights that results in wins.

I predicted a 5 game losing streak after that Leafs win....

I am a gypsy

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Boston is motivated and some weird penalties have conspired as well. Boston doesn't wants to play Toronto more than they want to play Price and the Habs.

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