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Boo-uins @ Habs, Feb. 15, 2012


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I doubt J.Martin would have ever conceived of trying that bit of strategy.

Cunny goes with 3 forwards in OT

I like!

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My list of hated Bruins, in order of worst first:













The rest, I'm indifferent about.

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They are not making the playoffs.. I don't get why people keep fantasizing about it. Dump the UFA and get working on next year.

You are right.

Make the decision no matter how tough it feels at times.

This season is done 4 teams in front of the Habs and so few games left.

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I hope Cunneyworth stays! I like him a lot. I Like his system. More agressive, more fighting. More agressive forecheck. Hard work or you get called iut, regardless of salary or name on your sweater.

Damn straight. When was the last time you saw JM go ballistic like that behind the bench when a bad call was made? Tell me that doesn't get your peeps going just a little bit when the feel the fire behind them.

And his system is really starting to show. People are getting on board and we're starting to see at least something start to gel. I hope Rosetta Stone works its magic and ol' Geoffy keeps this team around for another go next year.

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