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Friday Night


Will you watch?  

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  1. 1. Friday night's game

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I had a dream a bet a $1000 on the Habs to beat Edmonton.

I haven't bet on the Habs (or anyone else for that matter) in 15 years, and I never have gambling dreams.

Woke this morning thinking it was a sign; a sign that the Habs walloped Edmonton.

Boy was I wrong..

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Don't worry. Montreal is the cure for all struggling teams lately.

lol, we're beyond struggling now. 6 wins for all of 2009.

I'll watch but I'll be surprised if we win, I'd rather sell some of our D and go for Tavares at this point.

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I'm going, at this point i'm kind of emabarrased of even wearing that jersey.

6-2 blow out by the Avs. Another no show.

I'm going to the game, too. I'll still wear my sweatshirt, but I'm not sure if I'll take the banner with me.

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Even though i did not watch the Calgary and Edmonton games this week, I will be watching this game. I've got a good feeling about it! Anyways, I'm planning on going out tonight, but we don't usually show up until 11:30, so I've got time to watch at least 80-90% of the game, which shold be enough...I'll listen to the rest on the radio in the car on my way to the bar!

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