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Leafs vs Habs, Oct. 22, 7 PM


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To snap the losing streak (and my personal GDT losing streak), we must summon the help of our beloved forum mascot...



















(* - game time decision)

Think of the power of positivity, think... :1banana: .

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I have to say I really hate these lines. Ak/dd/maxpac have shown great chemistry, so I guess it only makes sense that the penguin would break them up.

I also really hate having Moen playing with AK, why not give Palushaj who actually is supposed to have some play making skills on that line instead.

I never will get the penguins love affair with wanting Moen and Darche in the top 9

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blurb from game preview:

With only 1 win in their first 6 games of the season, it is the Habs worst start since 1995-96 when they lost their first 5 games. For many Habs fans, that losing streak marked the end of an era. Serge Savard and Jacques Demers were fired during that losing streak, and Patrick Roy was traded a little more than a month later. Ironically, 16 years later, many Habs fans are asking the head of another coach named Jacques, and want Patrick Roy back.

and here are my keys to victory for tonight:

HW's Victory Keys

1) Be more creative and desperate around the net: Habs' skilled forwards need to stop being nice around the net. They must work harder to get rebound shots and make Reimer's job harder than in was on opening night.

2) Score the first goal: The Canadiens' confidence level is very low. Scoring the first goal would get a load off everybody's back.

3) Cammy's knee: Cammalleri was able to play nearly 20 minutes in his return, although on the bottom lines. We will need him to play the same amount, and more, on the top line with Plekanec.

4) Avoid turnovers: Subban, Gill and Gorges are amongst league leaders in Giveaways. The forwards need to support more the defense and contribute more to that important part of the game which is transition from the defensive to the offensive zone.

5) Desharnais' occasion: Desharnais doesn't have anything to prove. However, with Gomez out, he is not a "3rd line bonus" anymore. In order to win games, the Habs count on him to produce on a regular basis.


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Seems way too early in the season for it to be this important. The morning reading with coffee suggests otherwise. I guess this is it, no time like tonight to turn this around. Carey needs to be sharp. First goal, all the cliches you can think of. Let's not give the CBC the satisfaction of a leafs win on Saturday night, nation wide!!!

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Lets go! Kosty did show some chemistry with Eller early on, I do not know why JM insists on moving kosty around to get other players going though, just because Max and DD have been hot doesn't mean you should stick Cole on a line with them to see if he gets hot! Reward good play with extra minutes!

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My keys to victory.....

a) don't hold our sticks so tight!!! said PK Subban

b) make a few tape to tape passes and show some skilled play!!! said Michael Cammalleri

c) Stick to the system!! said Tomas Plekanec

d) put your life on the line!! said josh Gorges

d) trust your teammates! said Hal Gill

e) keep possession on the PP! said Brian Gionta

f) watch that glove side!!! said carey price

g) stabilize the lines!!! said jacques Martin

and go Get the First GOAL and WIN against Toronto!!! says the hearts of all habs men

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For those who are looking for change, this is a 'must lose' game.

I'd rather have us start winning then change, change is only if we continue to lose, I think we would all rather win

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For those who are looking for change, this is a 'must lose' game.

Hey welcome back, haven't seen your posts in awhile.

We'll be ok tonight. Just caught the end of some lame CBC program, and that genius PJ Stock predicted a Leaf win.

I dislike PJ stock with a passion.

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Hey welcome back, haven't seen your posts in awhile.

Thank you. Long and winding story that's just not worth repeating!

And congrats to Hal Gill, who at this moment is being recognized for 100 games. An achievement for a 'pylon.' ;-) (Damn good on the PK, however.)

Incidentally, how does Hal 1000 relate to Hal 9000?

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