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Round 2, Game 3 Jets vs Habs 6:00PM ET


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2 minutes ago, Habsfan89 said:

Man where were  these guys we're seeing in the playoffs all year..... I sure hope they stay 🤜

Ducharme being able to get them to play his system is a big part of this too.

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17 minutes ago, alfredoh2009 said:

Good point, they are really good with poke checks too, generating turn overs


Its funny because height doesn't seem like it would make a big difference.  However,  I'm pretty sure its more significant than most people think.  ex:  guys that are 6'4"+ are at least 4" taller than average (6'0"), they have longer reach and sticks that it makes a difference.  That's especially true when they're up against guys that are under 6'-0".  I'd even say guys that are 6'3" have an advantage too, but its more so against players under 6'-0".

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Just now, brobin said:

I hope we get an early third period goal… my fear is they will sit back the whole period and I can’t take that kind of stress…😂😂


Agreed.  I'm dead tired from cutting my lawn in some disgusting heat...too tired to pace back and forth nervously in front of my television.

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Disappointing that they missed the high stick with Winnipeg's goal coming right after but that was a nice period and having a two-goal lead after 40 minutes is something I'd have happily taken before the game started.

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3 minutes ago, BCHabnut said:

Ah. Pass follow through or missed call?

Ehlers was falling from a hit so tough to blame him, but then again did you see that gash on Byron, so...

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