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Game #45 Hab vs Jets 7:00pm EST Tuesday Jan 17 2023


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1 hour ago, Prime Minister Koivu said:

Pittsburg and NYR have had scouts in Montreal a bunch lately. 

I hope nothing comes of the Lafreniere   rumours. The cost would be too high for the risk IMO. 

Both of those teams could very well be looking at Edmundson or Anderson(less likely).


I don't think Lafreniere is getting traded.  His ELC hasn't went as well as anyone has hoped, but it will make his next contract cheap.  With how cap strapped the Rangers are, I'm pretty sure they gamble on resigning him for what he's worth now, which is cheap, and hope he turns around.

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Dadanov scores...holy moly, took a boatload of scoring chances.


I was just going curse Hoffman's zero defense then he goes and rips it top corner...what a shot he has.

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Happy for Hoffman and Dadonov

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9 minutes ago, TurdBurglar said:

I've missed quite a few of those games for RL stuff.  Hasn't he been back playing center during that time?

This is the third straight game he has played centre.   He has just been so effective carrying the puck.

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Should Monty have had the Jets shot on their goal?


Dach 2 for 8/Suzuki 4 for 12 on faceoffs.

Matheson 3:04/Barron 2:11 on the PP, feel better with them and not Wideman there.

11:19 for Ylonen, 2:50 on the PP, nice amount


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Probably ... there was some traffic though so not clear how well he saw it.


But he's saved a bunch (half a score!) of far more dangerous ones so it balances out, only one goal but xGA is 1.95.

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Only saw the last 12 minutes but it looks like another strong game from Montembault, at least according to the stats. 

Like Commandant has said, Montembault needs a couple of good seasons in a row to be in the #1 conversation but it looks like he is well on his way to one strong season. 

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Yeah, good game. I am happy for Barron, I hope he continues to play this well and shows consistency and maturity


Dach is so good, can play so many different types of games and is always “on”, strong on puck and winning 50:50 battles


Montembeault didn’t steal this one, but was very solid. 

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And poor Caufield gets called for his 1st penalty of the year.



"HW Habs 3 Stars

1st Star: Evgenii Dadonov – Honestly, I thought he was more noticeable a week ago with Evans and Armia but the goals weren’t coming for him then.  They were in this one as Dadonov potted a pair with both of them notably coming from fairly close to the net.  He has a long way to go to build up some trade value but he has been better lately and he was finally rewarded for his efforts.

Stats: 2 goals, +2 rating, 6 shots, 2 blocks, 15:19 TOI

2nd Star: Kirby Dach – Being put with a pair of inconsistent wingers isn’t great when you’re shifting back to a spot you haven’t played a lot at lately but it didn’t seem to matter for Dach.  He directly set up a pair of goals and did well on his board battles.  He still can’t win a faceoff but otherwise, it was a very strong night for him.

Stats: 2 assists, +2 rating, 2 shots, 2/9 faceoffs, 17:42 TOI

3rd Star: Samuel Montembeault – He wasn’t tested anywhere near as often as he was last week when the Canadiens were getting peppered with shots but he was sharp once again.  He didn’t have much of a chance on Connor’s power play marker and he otherwise shut the door.  They’ll happily take an outing like this from whoever’s in net in the second half of the season.

Stats: 24 saves on 25 shots, 1.00 GAA, .960 SV%

Honourable Mention: Justin Barron – The youngster won the Battle of the Barron’s as he faced off against his brother in the NHL for the first time.  He made a couple of nice passes to help set up goals, especially the one from Dadonov to tie it up while he did relatively well defensively.  That’s the type of performance that should keep him in the lineup although that will become a bit trickier (once they get 12 healthy forwards again) with Matheson back now.

Stats: 2 assists, +2 rating, 1 shot, 13:37 TOI"


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  • tomh009 changed the title to Game #45 Hab vs Jets 7:00pm EST Tuesday Jan 17 2023

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