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Josh Anderson Signed to a 7 year 38.5 million$ Contract!

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7 hours ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:


I agree with you - but if Domi is your second-line C, you have to take him on the assumption that he is crap on his own end and mediocre on the draw. Any organization that insists he transcend those limitations has not done its homework on him.

I don’t think being lousy in the draw is an issue (McDavid, Crosby also struggled - albeit they are elite players committed to being the best players. That lack of commitment to improve is essentially the issue with Domi.   Becoming a decent defensive player can be learned. Crosby did, as did Yzerman before him.  The issue with Domi is more on just coasting on his natural skill and not putting the work to improve defensively and on the draw.  That laziness and lack of drive to become a well-rounded player in a crux is the issues with the Domi’s and Drouin’s. When they are producing, you overlook those deficiencies, when the are not the issues become magnified.

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I haven’t read the article yet; the title turned me off    but even if it is speculation or badly written, I would not throw under the bus one of habsworld writers     

WOW!! 😮😮😮 I sure wasn't expecting that from Mr. "Handles Nickles Like Manhole Covers" Bergevin.   This is a huge risk on a guy coming off a disastrous season. I don't understand why there wa

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7 hours ago, tomh009 said:

However, we are expecting Suzuki to transcend his personal limitations on the draw. Not to say that Suzuki won't, but what's good for the goose should be good for the gander, right?


Other than that, though, Suzuki is at a completely different level than Domi at C -- and still improving.

Suzuki is a skilled and responsible player - something you could never say about Domi (the responsible part). I may be wrong, but I’m pretty confident that Suzuki over time will improve enough on the draw that it’s not seen as a liability. He may never become elite on the draw, but he should be able to get over 50% if he puts in the work.

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There was always something deeply and profoundly amiss with having a "Domi" in a Montreal Canadiens jersey. 

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