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Round 3, Game 5: Montreal Canadiens @ Golden Knights

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1 minute ago, TurdBurglar said:

I’m ok with it.  In this case the right call was made.  I do like that majors and double minors can be reviewed, it’s intended for a situation just like this.


I get wanting to make sure you get head shot calls right, even all majors. But when blood is the only reason you can review a call? Asinine.  If you can't review a basic high stick, then you should only be able to take away the double away and still leave it as a minor.



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I don't want to see even a HINT of 'playing to protect the lead'.  Let's break these guys mentally.  Let's get 4+ past Fleury and put a goaltending controversy into their heads.  Let's go back to Montreal with swagger to spare.

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