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11th Annual Prediction Contest

Peter Puck

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  I've been procrastinating since the Subban/Weber trade sapped my enthusiasm.  But I do like the lines and the willingness to play some rookies.   So its time for the


11th Annual HabsWorld season prediction contest.

Hall of Fame:

2006-2007 Jean won with a prediction of 92 points when the Habs finished the year with 90 pts. If only we could have won that last game.

2007-2008 Adirondack Bud exactly predicted our final total of 104 pts.

2008-2009 Zowpeb won by predicting a strong start followed by a slower 2nd half ending with 99 points. The Habs finished the season in 8th place with 93 points. On September 22, 2008 Zowpeb predicted "I think we'll see a rough patch just past the mid-year point..." Wow!

2009-2010 Joelassister correctly predicted the Habs would finish with 88 points.
Honourable mention to kaos who predicted a season record of 39-34-9 (87 pts) while the Habs finished 39-33-10.

2010-2011 Chips produced the all time best prediction. His preseason prediction of 44-30-8 for 96 pts 6th in the East, 14th in the NHL was exactly correct in every aspect. That amazing feat will be hard to duplicate.
Honourable mentions went to Seb whose excellent prediction of 44-30-8 for 96 pts. 5th in east, 13th in NHL came up just short; and to Peter Puck who also correctly predicted the Habs would finish with 96 points.

2011-2012 sakiqc
Our fearless leader won with his prediction of 37-34-11 for 85 points. The Habs record was 31-35-16 for 78 points.
Honourable mention went to Habsfan who correctly predicted that the Habs would score 212 goals.

2012-2013 illWill won by predicting the Habs would finish with a record of 27-16-5 for 59 points.
The Habs finished 29-14-5 for 63 points.
Honourable mention to PMAC and to former champion Chips who both predicted the Habs to finish with 58 points.

2013-2014 Meller93 exactly predicted the Habs final record 46-28-5-3.
Honourable mention to thehabbit who correctly predicted the Habs final point total and just missed getting their record exactly right.

2013-2014 nihliz predicted 50-23-5-4 for 109 points. In fact the Habs finished the season 50-22-5-5 for 110 points. Honourable mentions went to nhfarber who predicted 49-23-4-6 for 108 points and to sakiqc who predicted 51-26-1-4 for 107 points

2015-2016 Chris predicted 40-30-8-4 for 92 points. The injury ridden Habs finished the season 38-38-3-3 for 82 points.


2016-2017 edition

Same rules as last season.

a) what the Habs regular season record will be: wins-losses-OTL-SOL
b) in what place in the Atlantic Division the Habs will finish
c) in what place in the league the Habs will finish
d) the total number of goals the Habs will score this season (including 1 goal per shootout win).

The winner will be based upon the most accurate prediction of the Habs final points, then most accurate record prediction. The latter three predictions will be used successively to break ties.

Don't forget to separate overtime losses and shootout losses.

Entries due before puck drop on Thursday Oct 13.

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46-23-10-3 for 105 points.

2nd in the Atlantic

4th in the East

7th in the League

238 GF.


Congrats to Chris for winning last season.  All the best to each of you this season.  I look forward to another exciting year ahead.


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a) 47-25-5-5  for  104 pts

B) 2nd in the Atlantic

C) 6th in the NHL

D) 242 GF


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47-23-9-3 106 points

2nd in the Atlantic

5th in the NHL

241 Goals

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11 hours ago, Toronthab said:

You guys are so brave. I think we're going to do pretty well...maybe really well. 


I still miss PK. 



I miss PK too, and still believe MB got f**cked hard on the trade.  BUT remember this team was at the top of the NHL last season when Carey was healthy, and we've seriously upgraded the talent at forward with Shaw/Radulov/Lehkonen...that should offset the loss of PK and then some, hence my optimism for the season.

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Like Peter Puck, I'm going with relentless--and probably irrational-- optimism again this season and hoping that I am not laughably wrong again.

51-20-7-4 for 113 points

1st in the Atlantic

1st in the East

2nd in the league

250 GF.

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99 points


3rd in the Atlantic


12th in the League


225 goals scored



Got it in just in time. I'm using my last years predictions as well. Hoping this year the injuries don't derail us.

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1 hour ago, Habsfan said:

a) 47W-23L-5OTL-7SOL : 106 points
b) 2nd in our division
c) 6th in the League
d) 242 goals

A little late there... 

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